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    Delhivery prepares for festive season rush with data analytics, AI


    With the festive season around the corner, e-commerce sites are already flooded with orders placed by shoppers. With this sudden spurt in orders, the major challenge lies in a timely and effective deliveries.

    With an aim to address expected delivery challenges effectively, Gurgaon-based Delhivery, a third-party logistics provider to e-commerce firms, has come up with an effective solution to solve the problem of delayed deliveries.

    “Last minute orders, climatic conditions, traffic can be a few reasons for delays in deliveries, which is why we are working on network optimisation,” , senior vice-president of tech and product, Delhivery, informs Indiaretailing.

    “To make a delivery on time we compute the last-mile dispatch problems with real-time data requirements such as traffic updates, weather updates and shipment checks. With planned deliveries backed up by strong data analysis we can achieve the target in a given span of time,” Bhattacharya adds.

    Along with the festive season plans, Delhivery is eventually turning to become a data company with a significant business in logistics. The company is working on a clutch of new technological advancements targeting India-specific problems.

    “E-commerce has reached the heart of the country but the numbers shopping online are still low; among 250 million potential customers, only 15-20% shop online. There is still a large share of potential customers but to grab their attention, data science is required. We are working on the ways in which we can teach an artificial intelligence machine to use the areas of data science to understand the way these addresses are interpreted by humans, ” Bhattacharya explains .

    “Based on the understanding of this, we are trying to make a functional map of India that can be used not just by Delhivery but also by other companies,” he concludes.