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    Making Product Photography As a part of core strategy


    Ecommerce business is widening the market further and is reaching out to niche audiences and start-up firms. E-commerce sites are digital based, therefore correct use of images are highly essential for captivating consumer’s mind and choice. Inclusion of product image gives an edge to the products, especially for fashion goods and services. Product image holds the attention of the viewer a bit longer. In the end of the day the purpose of product marketing is to cater to maximum number of consumers, in this era of smartphones and globalisation, product image is a vital part of business strategy.

    Costing of product photography
    Costing is a very complex matter. The cost varies according to the product attributes, and needs. The costing charge of a product photoshoot depends on the level of production. There is a huge difference between a simple, social media headshot and a high fashion shoot with a full prep team, set and crew. The cost is really dictated by the level of production you want and the amount of time involved in completing the project. There are several type of product photoshoots, such as The Social Media Headshot, which requires less production cost, it is the most basic type of product photoshoot. The Model Portfolio Shoots, this is more professional, and involves more production cost; it involves professional make-up artist and prep team. The High Fashion Editorial Product Photoshoot, this is about telling a story in a single frame. It’s about making the viewer of the finished image linger just a fraction of a second. It is very costly. Therefore costing varies and it depends on what a particular brand wants to convey.
    Outsourcing Vs Insourcing
    Outsourcing and insourcing are variedly different factors. Outsourcing is always preferable rather than insourcing in regards to product photography. Insourcing generally costs a lot for fashion brands, especially for those who are start-ups. Outsourcing involves using of a company that already has workflow ready.
    Costing: Insourcing photoshoots costs a lot. It is preferable to outsource assignments for product photography. All total cost of the shoots would cost a fortune for the brands; they would have to start from the scratch.
    Accumulation of resources: Outsourcing of assignments helps for getting high standards. The production technicality needs a lot of setup, so it is preferable to outsource the assignment to a professional firm, rather than wasting time and money on insourcing.
    Control: Management of product photoshoots is really intense, it needs a lot of expertise to make it fully operational. It needs a lot of control, for smooth running of production operation. Outsourcing photoshoot assignment is preferable
    Location: Getting a perfect photoshoot requires a perfect blend of location and lighting. Insourcing a photoshoot assignment would cost lot of money. So it is highly preferable to outsource assignments to professionals, in the field of product photography.
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    Impact of photography on buying and selling:
    In 2015, visual content is fast becoming the central pillar of web design; current trends indicate that users’ preference for attractive visual imagery over long sized copy is set to increase over the coming years. There are certain factor that needs to be considered to evaluate the buying and selling impact of the consumers.
    Growing Competition: In this era of modernization, more and more consumers are looking for affordable clothes online. Businesses are investing huge amount of money on digital marketing and ecommerce.  Sites like Ebay, Amazon and Etsy also offer businesses multiple avenues to take their products to market by spending a fortune on digitisation of products.
    Mobile market: It is no secret that, the emergence of Smartphone and tablets has affected the market in a big way.  More and more audience are getting engaged on social sites via hand-helds. Businesses are using high eliciting images to lure consumers to buy their product. Product photography is now a very important part of marketing strategy. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter even offer image enhancement tool. Product photography is the need of the time.
    Growing dependence on social media: With the growth of digital market more and more products are promoted on social sites and the first thing that the consumer looks for is the image ethnicity. Products with high resolution images are bound to capture the consumer’s mind.
    Photography: Pre- Production, Production, Post Production
    Selection of a perfect model: the most important step is to select the perfect candidate to represent a particular product. A model is not only a face, but a representative of the product itself. The essence of the product is highlighted through the model. Selection of model is not an easy job. Most important decision is to take a stand whether to use an experienced model or a fresh face.
    Perfect mix of styling and  accessories: The most important necessity of styling is that, it should be done by professionals. Style not only represents the model but also the nature of the product. First thing that a customer looks at is styling, if it is good then we have the customer to ourselves. For styling it is very important to understand the brand you are working for, and the tone of the product line. A skilfully planned accessory can highly change the whole tone of a photoshoot.
    Getting the perfect blend of hair and makeup: Getting the model perfectly ready is very important. Makeup artists hold huge significance in getting the perfect photoshoot. A right blend of hair and makeup can do wonders for the photoshoot.
    Production: Product shoots are really fun. The tone of the shoot depends on the product for which we are shooting. There are lot of headshots, model portraits. Use of light is very important, loud music further helps the environment, but it completely depends on the nature of the product being shot. This stage depends on how good the photographer is in capturing the right mood with right music and perfect light.
    Final retouching and editing of the image: Colour correction, tone correction, focus; everything can be corrected during the final retouching. Edits are very important for removing unwanted parts of a picture or correcting a less than okay shot. It is very important to correct the entire thing in this stage because whatever goes out from this stage will represent as the final image output of product lines. Products with good photographs are more likely to get more attention.
    Product Image: Rise in different channels
    Product Image highlights the nature and attributes of the product. Image speak thousand words,  also they represent brand identity. Brand visibility is highlighted through the presentation of a product image, which further helps in leveraging network and consumers. Appeal, image retouching, styling are very important part of product image. Perfect blend of all these elements results in consumer recall and attention.
    E-commerce companies are digital based therefore adopting visuals as a part of their product strategy is an elementary aspect of their business. This era of smart phones, have lead to outburst of social sites. Big advertising agencies are hiring instagrammers and photographers to promote their product. Therefore Product Photography must be part of your business strategy.