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Basil Leaf – A Breathtakingly B2B Experiential Store


How often to brands indulge in having an envious store design if it’s a B2B store? No prizes for guessing but it is uncommon for a B2B brand to have a visually appealing store. Defying all rule here, Samir Dedhia’s Basil Leaf in Mumbai is attracting as many eyeballs for the store design as the merchandize it stocks (women’s wear). We take a quick walk-through.

So why an elaborate store if it is not meant to have walk-ins from the end consumer? Responding to this, Samir Dedhia, director – Basil Leaf makes a point when he shares, “We wanted to present our brand in the best possible form, not  only to our end customer but also to our business partners.” One look at the store and you cannot miss noticing the passion and pride Dedhia and his team have for the brand. The store aptly communicates the actual look and feel of the brand. And as he elaborates, “A perfect blend of luxury and ethnicity, the look of the store is parallel to the wholesome philosophy of giving women and girls a hugely modernized luxurious experience to wear.” Being the first store, there is no stone left unturned to extend the right feel and message of what the brand stands for. This in a way translates well to the retailer wishing to stock the brand thus accentuating the point that the brand stands for something that is magnificence and niche.

Spread across 650 sq. ft., the store, the interiors comprise of mud colored walls and dazzling hand crafted lights. The wardrobe displayed is rich in color, craftsmanship, design and fabric thus extending a lovely look to the store. Adding further on the interiors, Dedhia shares, “From the smallest of designing to the colour and glitter, from the right light to augment the look and colour of garment, to the placement of lamp and from selecting the right music to support the ambience and the right fragrance, everything has been taken well care. We were involved in designing of the store from the initial stages till the final day and it took us close to about four months to put the place together.” Something that no one can miss at the store is the array of fragrance as you take the first step in. Dedhia adds, “This B2B store is a studio for us where our vendors visit for bookings. So we have taken care of everything from their welcome to drinks, sitting comfort and most important the right feel of the brand which they stay with them for long. We have multiple of international fragrances which makes everyone to feel good inside the studio.”

Defining the attributes of the brand, Dedhia explains, “Basil Leaf is a luxurious ethnic and Indo western brand for girls and women respectively. Our collections are displayed accurately keeping in mind the different preferences of customers. Our latest Barooque collection is the highlight which is rich in color, craftsmanship, and design with pure natural crepe fabric.” According to him, the brand takes inspirations and ideas from fashion forecasts, movies, serials and international brands.

Considering it is a B2B brand, it was inevitable for it to be present in Dadar which is a wholesalers hub for men’s, women and children wear, according to Dedhia, “Scarcity of the right retail space in Dadar, Mumbai was the biggest challenge for us. Also, getting the right design for the store was difficult to achieve.”

Highlights of the Interiors

Earth stones and adding a little bit of glitter gives right feel for the brand. The patina finish on accessories is a nice blend to the earthy gold look. Wall ceiling is kept black not to distract the customer. Trims on the ceiling such as a/c and lights etc are all customized to black to match the look.

Customer Amenities Rest room

Concierge Services
Coffee shop

The material and brand used for flooring
Kota tiles for rustic look

Material and brand for walls

Gold shimmer colour paint mixed with wall paint colour

Name of the architect
Kaizad /Nitido Designs

Name of some of the major suppliers:

Lights: Deepan lights /Tej lights
Furniture: Pepperfry