Rejuve, Sohum Spa – Kenilworth Hotel, Kolkata

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This rejuvenating experience starts with an apricot and lemon-grass skin refinement for ultimate pampering. Apricot is a well known age retardant of the Hunza people, and a main component of this body polish. The beta carotene, minerals and other plant compounds from apricot seep into the skin and triggers cellular maintenance and renewal. Lemon-grass perfectly compliments apricot with its antiseptic and mood elevating properties. Later, the ancient traditional ritual of Abhyanga is performed, using long strokes to stimulate circulation and relieve muscle soreness. Warm herb infused sesame oil is used for the massage and medical herbal powder is applied on the crown to balance the flow of energy. This is concluded with a steam bath, which opens the clogged pores and leaves the body soft and supple. The duration is 90 minutes and the price is Rs. 2,250 (exclusive of taxes).

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