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Tata to diversify into premium speciality coffee


is reportedly looking at tapping the growing speciality coffee market, and is also looking to transform itself into a premium specialty coffee company rather than only being a commodity player.

“Tata Coffee has been consistently moving up the value chain in both its plantations business as well as its instant coffee business. And it’s also looking to transform itself from being merely a commodity player to specialty coffee player in the market. The company’s vision is to align with the global trend where coffee lovers in India and across the world are now preferring differentiated premium coffees,” Tata Coffee MD and CEO told PTI.
“Key trends in the coffee industry point to the emergence of specialty, premium, differentiated, single origin and farm-branded coffees occupying centre-stage in the international market. So, there is an opportunity to market differentiated coffee which is distinctive in taste and appeal,” he added.
Tata Coffee grows coffee on its own estates, processes the beans, exports green coffee, manufactures and exports Instant Coffee and retails coffee with its own branding in the domestic market. It produces 10,000 metric tonnes of natural shade grown Arabica and Robusta coffees, in both washed and unwashed forms. In 2014-15, the total production of both Arabica and Robusta coffee stood at 8,596 tonnes.