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Monsoon Raga, Quan Spa, JW Marriott Hotel, Mumbai


This is a special package offered by the Spa which takes the route to ayurveda for the healing of the mind and body. ‘Abhyanga Massage’ is followed by ‘Shirodhara’ in this monsoon package. Abhyanga Massage is a detoxifying treatment, using warm medicated oils, stimulates circulation and provides a deep sense of relaxation to de-stress on both physical and mental levels. Traditionally used to treat stress, Shirodhara is the Ayurvedic ritual of pouring warm, herb infused oil onto the forehead. This leaves you profoundly relaxed and aid the treatment of headache, migraine, insomnia and sinusitis. Shirodhara is known to stimulate the third eye and crown ‘chakras’, and awakens intuition and inner wisdom. The duration is 90 minutes and the price is Rs. 6,500 (exclusive of tax).