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    Ambab launches ‘Pretr’ app to facilitate omnichannel ops


    To address the challenges and opportunities in omnichannel retail, Mumbai-headquartered Ambab, the internet and mobility engineering company, in association with Web Services, organised a group meet-up for leading retailers and brands. The company also launched an omni-channel app ‘Pretr’, that claims to revolutionise the retail sector.

    The event was attended by some of the country’s biggest retailers and brands who discussed and ideated benefits of physical and . The CXOs and top management from various companies such as , Indian Roots, , Tata Unistore, Jashn, Triumph, Raymond, Catwalk, Metro Shoes among others, participated and shared their views on the topic.

    , CEO and founder, Ambab, demonstrated and explained some of the facts on how the internet and mobile are changing the consumer dynamics.

    “What looked fictional in the past years has turned into a validated truth today. The fact remains the same that the customer does not purchase online for convenience only. It is high time that retailers keep consumers in the centre of their growth or change metrics,” Jhaveri said.

    “Today consumers are highly sophisticated and the retailers are thus losing grounds constantly. There is only one way to grow, and that is #GoOmni. One has to mobilise their inventory, avoid loss of orders due to product unavailability, empower sales with data and information and most importantly, extend immense customer convenience at each and every touch point,” he said.

    Ambab also launched ‘Pretr’, a B2C discovery app that helps consumers to identify and search products in stores around them. It also enables consumer to reserve a particular product in the nearest brand store, or buy it online and get it delivered at their doorstep in a few hours. ‘Pretr’ also has an in-store assistance app which extends an infinite aisle, features an order allocation engine, analytics and some of the smartest tools to enable sales.

    , CEO, Indian Roots expressed his views saying, “Bhavik and team is a bunch of rock star engineers, and I am sure the new app, Pretr, will be a game changer for the industry. Retail is trillion dollar industry in India with 90 per cent of it still unstructured. Only 19 per cent structured retail in metro cities and two percent is in ecommerce. We are still quite far from reality, technology and innovation.”