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Top 4 Hair Colouring Techniques for the Season


As the weather changes, so must our hair colour and styles. Asgar Saboo, Celebrity Hairstylist, suggests foru hair colours that will add a dimension to your personality

favourite style for the stars, ombré is fun, irresistible and full of character. I recommend that everyone tries this look at least once; the versatile style can be suited to all face shapes and complexions. Having dark roots and light ends sounds dramatic, but they look great together, and working your way down to a softer tone will take you from warm summer days into cool autumn nights. You can begin the transition as high or as low as you would like, depending on the length of your hair. If you want to go for a natural transition, I would recommend beginning with a lighter colour from the nape of the neck, if you have long hair, and for shoulder length locks, you should begin at your cheekbones. This also depends on your bone structure and what you want to draw attention to – having lighter tips near the facial features will naturally sculpt your face. For your summer to autumn ombré transition, go for softer tones, such as caramel and honey, or a more adventurous look could involve bleached ends and darker roots for added drama and edge.

Face-framing highlights
I recommend some highlights near the face to lift your features. This is a fresh transitional look into autumn, creating an all-over warmer tone with a mix of major dark and light transfusions. Face-framing highlights take you from your sun-kissed summer locks to soft, natural effect highlights, which will require little maintenance work and is an effortless look. I recommend half-head highlights with more lighter tones around the face, but those who have embraced light blonde colour over summer should choose some lowlights. Balayage, an exclusive method which involves hand painting the highlights onto hair, is great for creating warmer tones whilst looking very natural.

Brunette is back for autumn! Whatever your hair length, face shape and complexion, anyone can try this out to really enhance and expose your sun rayed skin. Plus, this will see you right into autumn, since brunette hair always flatters the colours designers use during this season.  Brunette locks will give you a classic Hollywood look, particularly since we see so many actresses choosing to go dark in the colder months. You can also still treat yourself to highlights if you like; I would recommend a mix of chocolate, mahogany and honey hints for a warm autumn feel, which will add dimension, but still look appropriate for summer. The brunette colour is a seasonal departure from the light and bright summer distressed hair colours, giving you a healthy, glossy finish.

Chestnut colour is gorgeous and captivating, perfect for the autumn season. It’s still part of the brunette colour spectrum, but is becoming popular in its own right, and it’s not difficult to see why. A lot of depth is added to this powerful colour with injections of red and golden undertones, which look gorgeous at the end of summer and right into winter. The chestnut colour is perfectly versatile, but usually works best with warmer hair and skin tones. It is a really daring, engaging colour that brings attention to the eyes, but if you prefer a natural look, ask your stylist to give you a semi-permanent tint or a few chestnut lowlights to ease you into your new look. This style looks effortlessly polished, but make sure you use hair conditioning treatments regularly to add dimension to the finish and keep locks in good condition.

Credit: Asgar Saboo www.asgarboo.com