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Tooth Jewellery for the Fashionista


Dr Gunita Singh and Dr from , , have come up with Tooth Jewellery for those looking at trendy options to flash their smiles

DENTEM, The Dental and Orthodontic Clinic is a leading chain of dental clinics in Delhi with world class dental facilities. Founded by Dr Tanvir Singh & Dr Gunita Singh, they opened their first clinic in Vasant Vihar Delhi in 2000 and today have a chain spread across Delhi and NCR. With various advanced techniques, Dentem makes it easy for you to get a beautiful, healthy smile you deserve.  They have now come up with the latest in Tooth Jewellery to add a spark to your personality. Beautiful crystals or gold with a twinkle of ruby or diamonds is applied to the tooth in minutes, without drilling or causing pain. One can go in for different shapes and sizes as per their choice.

What inspired Dentem to get into Tooth Jewellery?

As our director dr gunita singh is a cosmetic dentist we r constantly .introducing new procedures in the field of cosmetic dentistry wich r safe and trendy to keep pace with growing demand of fashion in our society

What is the process of implanting a jewel on a tooth?

First the patient is made comfortable on dental chair and then the patient is asked  to select the tooth jewellery that he wishes to get done. Tooth jewellery is available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Tooth of interest is thoroughly cleaned and then etched with 37% phosphoric acid for 20-30 secs. This enhances the working or the bonding area of the tooth.Then rinse the tooth surface thoroughly with water. Now the frosted appearance on the tooth surface can be appreciated. Bonding Agent is then applied and is cured under light for 10-20 secs. Small amount of Composite is then applied on the surface, and then the tooth jewellery is placed on it. Further, it is light –cured from every angle for 40-60 secs and after that jewel is not touched and is allowed to set. The process takes on an average 8-10 mins only.

Where are the jewels sourced from?

Lzi, Skyce from Vivadent and Smile Gems, which are Swarovski stones for those with deep pockets in Austria.

How long does the jewel stay on the tooth?

Tooth jewellery generally stays for an appreciable period of time. And if one wants to get it removed voluntarily, your dentist can remove it in a few seconds, without leaving any trail behind on your tooth.

What about dental hygiene and downtime needed?

After tooth jewel is placed on tooth, no downtime is needed as there is no precaution one has to take after tooth jewellery.  You can go about brushing your teeth normally.

Any side effects you know about?

The material is very biocompatible and as such no side effects have been reported till now.