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Former Merck exec Siddhartha Sengupta to launch ayurvedic personal care brand


Former head of Performance Materials division at Merck India Siddhartha Sengupta is to launch an ayurvedic wellness products brand by September 2015.

Sengupta, who quit Merck India in 2014 after a 5-year stint, has set up his own venture — — which is set to launch Ayurveda in an ‘innovative’ format for the beauty and wellness sector.

“With an attention to propagate the holistic way of life that helps body, mind and soul to work in sync with each other, the ingredients in the products will be chosen and selected by a team of qualified alternative practitioners,” Sengupta says.

“The products will be 100 per cent Ayurvedic and will include healing products for lifestyle diseases, massage oils and professional hair and beauty care products. We have Ayurvedacharyas and Naturopaths on the panel who will also be teaching, guiding and consulting on lifestyle diseases and proper nutrition. We will also conduct sessions for reducing stress and to better our daily life,” he adds.

In alignment with digital marketing trends, the company will also shortly launch applications for phones and tablets, which will publicise the company’s latest offerings, discourses and sessions with Ayurvedacharays.

According to Sengupta, the company has developed formulations that will cater to the rising demand for natural, safe and sustainable products that cover requirements of the cosmetics industry. “Our website and applications are under construction and will be available to consumers shortly. We are working towards launching the products by September this year.”

has forged an exclusive back-end arrangement with a supplier to develop the products.