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Online retailer iTiffin launches diabetic-friendly wheat flour


iTiffin, an online portal that provides advanced nutrition in the form of a balanced and nutritious tiffin box, recently launched i-Atta, a wheat flour product targetted at diabetics.

According to the company, the innovative flour is meticulously prepared with natural ingredients to maintain the health graph of scores of people who have fallen victim to diabetes and those who suffer from weight-gain issues.

Specifically-formulated to serve the various needs of diabetic patients including juveniles, the unique composition of the flour has low Glycemic Index which is instrumental in preventing sudden rise in blood sugar levels that usually occurs after meals. The ingredients used in the product are a combination of super and functional food. It escalates one’s muscle mass and induces low carbs, which, thus prevents weight-gain as well. Besides this, the flour also aids in boosting the key health indicators like lipid profile and BMI, regulating the cholesterol levels and helping tissue repair.

According to Tapan Kumar Das, CEO & co-founder, iTiffin, the concept of i-atta provides people not just a nutritious diet but a healthy lifestyle. “We conducted the soft launch for the flour recently on a pan-India basis and within two days of the launch, we received orders for 1,000 kg of diabetic- friendly flour from the 30 counters that we have signed up with. The company is expected to clock orders for at least 20 tonne of diabetic-friendly flour every month from June onwards.”

iTiffin offers a variety of meals based on the required calorie content of an individual and special meals for those ailing from heart conditions and diabetes. It also provides lunch boxes to schools while educating the children on the benefits of eating healthy.

With the kitchen located centrally, the portal is able to provide freshly cooked meals all over Bengaluru. With weekly and monthly subscription plans, it ensures that people can eat right on a regular basis. Its meals provide a variety of choices in not only dishes but cuisine too.