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Lip Augmentation: Beware of Frauds


What are the various lip-related therapies that you offer?
Lip plumping is quite a rage and the whole face looks charming and youthful, when done the right way! I used to do lip tattooing to make them appear more pink, which I have stopped as results are good in some and appear patchy on others. Also we do lip peels and lasers for people with smoker lips, genetically darker lips than facial skin.

How different is lip augmentation?
Always remember lip the golden rule of lip proportion is 1:1.6 in the upper: lower lip with a projection of the cupids bow. None of the lips I have created can be pointed out in the crowd or look over done in any way.

What’s the procedure?

The procedure for creating a pout is very simple and just an injection of Monophasic Hyaluronic Acid in a pre-filled syringe is used; it’s a US FDA approved product.
Various techniques are done for filling the lips, but the best is when they look natural. It’s totally painless at my clinic.

What is the downtime?
There will be swelling only in the first six to eight hours. This occurs due to needle entries and goes down over the next few hours.

What are the risks and side-effects?

Risks are truly none when the product is used well. In certain cases, a lumpy feeling could persist, but not beyond a month and it gets resolved automatically. It’s not visible and happens more when the tissue inside is loose leading to extra action of the filler on the lips.

What is the after care that you recommend?
Just for first 24 hours to not have anything too hot or cold to drink and not to touch lips much for first two days. But applying lip gloss or lipstick can be done instantly.

Does it ask for multiple-sittings or can it be a lunch-time procedure, too?

It’s truly a lunch-time procedure or say a 10 minute job. Multiple sittings are not needed.

What is the category of people who come to you – models, brides-to-be, college-goers?
All three! Lip augmentation has a great result in middle aged men whose lips are pencil thin and also for women in the later years for whom lip volume is totally lost by then.

Are men also keen on such a therapy?

Yes of course! I used to feel doing lips won’t be a man’s cup of tea, but I was wrong. The sudden increase of this demand and results are truly so gratifying that I feel, it’s a great option specially for men with very thin lips and too dark lips or also lips with no great shape.

What are some of the challenges that you face?
A certain group of people are against injections and their fear is a mental block of side effects. My debate is that if the doctor is well trained then there is nothing to worry about.

How can the consumer be smart and aware and sure of everything is safe, in a nutshell?

Always remember a dermatologist in any city of India will be registered on the website of the medical council of that city and hence, be sure of the credentials. It’s a good idea to ask a doctor to open the box of a filler syringe in front of you. Always see the name, seal, US FDA approval of the product as the cheaper brands in the market are the ones which create a problem and have side effects; when the filler is of standardised company, it won’t have any side effect. Dr Deepali Bhardwaj, Owner, , is a renowned Dermatologist in Delhi