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Swapnil Shinde Pleasantly Irreverent


Designer Swapnil Shinde’s brand revolves around striking a balance between sexy and ‘normal’. Salon India finds out more about him in a heart-to-heart

What is the contribution of a fashion designer in planning and creating a model’s look?

The contribution is immense. Not boasting about the importance of a designer, however, without a designer’s planned framework, there would not be a fashion show or any fashion event. Having said that, it is also about co-ordination with the beauty team and of course, the models. They all have to work in sync to make the show a resounding success. Hair and make-up teams creativity, along with the designer’s approach, help showcase the true potential in the show.

What is the importance of hair and make-up in fashion?

It is crucial only because with the right balance of excellent hair and make-up, the designer can actualy envision what he wanted to bring onto the stage. The right hair and make-up can either pull the look or faulter it.

Who is your inspiration and why?

My inspiration is almost and always architecture and the current happening in the world. But for me, my muse is more important than anything else. In the past, my models have been my muses, whether it was Manasvi Mamgai or Amrit Maghera.

Which is the most outrageous look adopted by you?
Well, my brand is all about being outrageous and over the top. The look specific would be what the singer Neeti Mohan wore for her performance at the A R Rehman concert for her opening act. It was a silver and white gown!

What is the missing element in the fashion weeks?
Most importantly, seriousness is missing. The Indian fashion weeks have now become synonymous with Indian handlooms and a celebrity show stopper. Fashion is a lot more!

Who are the make-up artists you usually work with?
I have worked with a lot of them from Clint Fernandes to Ambika Pillai from Shraddha Alkunte to Kaajee. I am versatile and easy-going and essentially, I like make-up artists who are willing to experiment.

How do you incorporate beauty and hairstyles in your collection /ramp?
It’s a huge part in making a successful fashion show because make-up and hairstyle bring the whole look come together. With my brand, where the clothes are provocative and over the top, a basic hairdo or make-up never works, there has to be an element of shock in both hair and make-up.

What are your favourite make-up and hair products?

Make-up without doubt, Bobbi Brown and hair, nothing specific.

What are the beauty trends that you have witnessed in the past few years?
The clean, no-fuss look is trending, which I find extremely boring. It is a trend and not about time. We have witnessed shocks and surprises in fashion, hair and make-up over the years.

What are your future plans? Do you plan to be involved in the cosmetic and hair industry of India?

I have just finished designing costumes for actor Shraddha Kapoor and Jacqueline Fernandes for Lakmé and Vega. I am also completing a few movie and ad shoot projects. As of now, there is nothing I could think of with any cosmetic brand.