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FIFI launches Relief Fund for Nepal earthquake victims


In a show of support and solidarity for the earthquake-ravaged people of Nepal, the Forum of Indian Food Importers (FIFI) has taken the initaiative to set up the FIFI relief fund. FIFI has issued an appeal, calling all its members and the foodservice industry to donate generously to the fund. The minimum amount that can be donated is Rs 10,000. The money collected from the donations will be used for providing basic everyday provisions for the displaced people.

A note issued by FIFI office on April 28 said: “Yesterday at the meting it was resolved that members who wish to donate for relief for the victims in Nepal through the Embassy of Nepal can send in their donations to the FIFI Bank account and the same would be given for medicines, blankets and basic amenities. The donation amount decided was Rs. 10,000/- and was confirmed by the following attendees: Pankaj Singhal, Manoj Dugar, Sanjay Jain, Ashish Dubey, Tapeshwar Singh, Bhavya Aggarwal, Ashok Kalra, Sudhanshu Mathur, Amar Thapar, Rakesh Banga, and Amit Lohani.”

Within a day of making the appeal, FIFI managed to collect Rs 4,55,000. It is counting on the industry to come forward to help fill up its relief purse for the humanitarian cause. “We are awaiting more donations to come through and would request all trade to spread the word,” said Amit Lohani, Founder Director, FIFI.