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    DLF Promenade, Cushman & Wakefield push green initiatives


    DLF Promenade facilities management team has been working closely with internationally acclaimed facility manager Cushman & Wakefield in successfully incorporating numerous comprehensive, multi-faceted energy and sustainability management programs resulting in significant reductions in energy, waste disposal and water usage. The mall is quite prudent in keeping up a healthy balance between entertainment and sustainability.

    Dinaz Madhukar, Senior V.P & Mall Head of DLF Promenade & DLF Emporio, said, “DLF Promenade has a phenomenal legacy of taking good care of the patrons and the immediate environment alike. We believe in quality service and at the same time we are deeply rooted in our responsibility towards the environment. Our association with Cushman & Wakefield has always opened up numerous ways to make optimum usage of the natural resources. We believe in the concept of recycling and usage of solar systems to generate renewable energy resources and as an organization we are extremely environment friendly and caring about the wellbeing of the life dependent on it.”

    Located at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, DLF Promenade is serious about harnessing the renewable energy resources and believes in recycling and reusing as the way forward and takes immense pride in adopting environment friendly measures to give back to the environment. Over the years, the shopping centre has incorporated various facilities to achieve the mission to be environment friendly, including:

    Sewage Treatment plant 

    STP at DLF Promenade is managed by well renowned THERMAX LTD and treats all the sewage at a combine capacity of 400KLD. Further, the treated sewage is used in horticulture, flushing system and cooling tower of mall.

    Save Water Initiative

    As a part of the save water initiative, the mall’s washrooms are completely equipped with waterless urinals and are quite efficient in saving unwanted wastage of water. Besides this, the mall has 7 installations for harvesting the rain water and the same is used for all the requirements in the mall.

    Solar System

    Solar Panel with a capacity of 45KW supply power to DLF Promenade and its sister mall DLF Emporio and is synchronised directly to the grid avoiding the usage of batteries.

    Efficient Lighting

    A whooping 2500 and more LED lighting tubes ignite the basement of the mall and results in saving electricity consumption.

    Green Belt

    DLF Promenade has planted and maintained approx 500 ficus trees around the vicinity of the mall and the number will go up in the near future.