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Rohith Kumar Bettappa: Fortune Favours the Brave


Bangalore-born Rohith Kumar credits his father for showing him the way into the hair dressing industry. After having worked for seven and a half years, today this 21 yearold has blitzkrieged into instant fame as he’s won the prestigious Men’s Image Award at the Indian Hairdressing Awards organised by L’Oréal Professionnel. Kumar shares with Salon India his life before and after the recognition

the beginning
My father was in the profession and ran his own barber shop in Bangalore. He is my real inspiration. In my growing up years, I worked with him and that’s when I fell in love with hairstyling.

early training and today
Bounce Academy in Chennai was the stepping stone into the ocean of hairstyling. I was the topper at the Bounce Academy in graduation, and hence, was promoted to Bounce Salon in Bangalore. I have done a course in haircut, hair colouring and hairstyling for both men and women. For the last seven months, I have been working at B:BLUNT as a Stylist.

challenges faced
In the initial days, I was not comfortable talking to clients. I was intimidated with the questions posed at me. I was young and a novice. Despite being well versed with the know-how of cuts and styling, I would get goose bumps while entering the workplace. But I soon made friends who boosted my levels of confi dence and self-esteem.

A client is looking for grooming and not just fancy haircuts. Tapered looks, short haircuts, bobs, braids and wavy loose curls are trending this season.

advise to new entrants
Having been in the industry for seven and a half years, I can say that in this career there are ample growth opportunities. One needs to focus on the goal and keep
upgrading knowledge and polishing their skills. Work hard and try to learn as much as you can. You need to know every trick of the game.

view on the Indian Beauty and Wellness industry
It is a competitive world. We need to fight everyday to achieve glory. There are established and upcoming hairdressers worldwide. However a great amount of extraordinary talent is hidden in India, however, we lack infrastructure. The way L’Oréal has served as a platform to showcase talent, we need more such initiatives.

celebrities worked on
After having styled some celebrities including Kannada actor Ganesh, I shot to fame.

future plans
After winning the trophy, L’Oréal is sending me to UK to hone my skills. I look forward to this advanced course in hair. There is more to explore, there is lot to study and learn. I am up for it!

would love to style
Hrithik Roshan and Jennifer Lopez

By Nipun Augustine Jacob