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U.S. pushing cranberry consumption in India through retail, HoReCa sectors


The U.S. Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) organised a full day trade seminar in Delhi on April 7th to discuss the versatility, availability and utilisation of US Cranberries for the Indian market.

The seminar comprised presentations by international experts on trends and usages of cranberry globally, the different cranberry forms available for industrial food applications, and live cooking demonstrations by leading chefs to show cranberry usage in cuisines and its culinary applications.

Cranberries are small berries lauded for their health benefits as they are a good source of Vitamin C, fibre and antioxidants. The fruit is available in the market in many forms, including dried cranberries, cranberry juice, and cranberry sauce.

Scott J. Soares, Executive Director, Cranberry Marketing Committee said, “The Indian market offers enormous potential for U.S. cranberries and is being considered as one of the most important export markets for the United States. This seminar is our initiative to raise positive awareness of U.S. cranberries among trade.”

Sharing the Indian perspective, Keith Sunderlal, agricultural economist, SCS Group, stated, “The market for cranberry products is currently limited to major tier 1 cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Various surveys have shown the preference for cranberry juice in India, but users are still learning the multiple uses of the product. We are pleased to assist the U.S. Cranberry Marketing Committee on their initiative to increase awareness amongst influential industrial opinion makers and encourage cranberry product innovation in India.”

“The cranberry has a versatile usage and its shelf life depends on its packaging. Research suggests that cranberry products reduce the incidence of stomach ulcers and prevent urinary tract infection,” Sunderlal added.

Chef Sabyasachi Gorai, who gave a live demonstration on the use of cranberry as an ingredient for various kinds of cuisines,  said, “U.S. cranberries are one of my favourite ingredients as they contain a sweet and tart flavour to add to various recipes. I have travelled the world and have always seen cranberries used in classic and modern recipes. I love cooking with U.S cranberries for their exotic flavour to create some really wonderful fusion recipes.”

Gorai demonstrated cranberry recipes namely, the famous Gujarati dish Dhokla, Berri Pulao and as breakfast item with museli, nuts, honey and yogurt. Gorai also unveiled his plans to launch a private label of cranberry product as energy bars.

By Angel Kashyap