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    Reliance to launch its e-commerce platform by May


    has chosen the months of April and May to launch its e-commerce platform through its subsidiary, . The company has chosen the same months to roll out its pan-India 4G data and mobile services through its telecom venture, Infocomm. The company is hiring people on a large basis to set up a team of 2,000 members for e-commerce. Besides, the internal HR team is also working to establish a team of around 8,000-10,000 members for activities like delivery, logistics and supply chain.

    Half of the posts of the total six CXO (Chief Experience Officer) in the retail company have already been occupied. The company is attracting experienced professionals from competitors, too.
    Aditya Mukerji, who was the Assistant Vice-President and Head of Planning at earlier, has already been hired by Reliance.

    Earlier the company had planned to launch its e-commerce portal between June and August this year. It first wanted to widespread its 4G network and make its 4G LTE services available to thousands of people across India. The high-speed network will help the people to conveniently access the e-commerce services with their mobile phones only.

    With the 4G service, many people will be able to make use of digital commerce. They no longer will have to worry about affording a laptop, desktop or tablet for the same. The company aims to attract a lot of customers through its services and hence is planning to charge the 4G services approximately at the same rate of its current 2G and 3G data.

    The 40th annual general meeting of Reliance Industries was held in June, 2014. During this, the Chairman had informed about similar plans regarding the roll out of Reliance Jio’s 4G. “This initiative would ensure that every Indian has access to latest digital connectivity and services that are on par with or better than anywhere else in the world,” he said.

    Reliance has already launched its online services in November 2014. Its grocery brand, Direct, provides online services to customers. Before its full-fledged launch, the organization had tested it with its employees for more than half a year at the campus of Reliance Corporate Park in Navi Mumbai. After the successful pilot test, the consumers were allowed to give online orders for more than 6,000 products from varied corners of Mumbai.

    The company is planning to follow the path of . Reliance Retail will be rolling out its e-commerce platform in three divisions. These are electronics, fashion and lifestyle and groceries. The teams for grocery, electronics and technology will set up their base in Mumbai while the fashion and lifestyle division will locate itself in Bengaluru.