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Ponds Age Miracle Collaborates with Dr Rashmi Shetty, Chef Brar


Ponds Age Miracle range along with expert and celebrated Chef share a portable anti-ageing diet that you can follow anywhere. They say turmeric milk a day keeps the dullness away as turmeric is a popular healer for dry and damaged skin. Chef suggests, “It maintains the skin’s elasticity and slows down the ageing process. If you’re still not convinced, do note that it also keeps dullness away!”

Dr Rashmi Shetty explains, “The under eye skin area is very delicate and the absence of oil glands, make moisturising a must for it. Include foods like milk, yoghurt that maintain your skin’s elasticity and also use a night cream to keep your skin nourished at all times”

Chef Ranveer Brar mentions, “Fats and acids in the same sentence don’t sound too exciting when it comes to health. However, they are the key to achieve glowing young skin.” Seafood and soybeans, besides being rich in Fatty Acids, make great holiday foods.
Speaking of Fatty Acids Dr Rashmi Shetty says, “CLA, is a component of Fatty Acid which helps renew skin cells and is a great source to maintain your skin’s youth.”

Hence, look for creams or serums rich in CLA and Glycerol to repair and protect the skin.

Chef Ranveer Brar recommends indulging in Italian food as it is cooked with tomatoes and lot of garlic. The antioxidants in tomatoes and the anti inflammatory properties of garlic help fight away the ageing components in the body. So add a dash of citrus to your daily diet to feel fresh and energetic.

The expert, Dr Rashmi Shetty adds, “Speaking of anti-ageing, Retinol, a form of Vitamin A, does wonders to prevent ageing. In fact, it is recognised as one of world’s best ingredients to fight signs of ageing. Products that contain Retinol are a great way to externally treat dullness and aging spots.” For an extra dose of Retinol include grapefruit, papaya and carrots in your diet.

Have the holiday glow everyday with the Pond’sAge Miracle skin care range, comprising of essential day cream, night cream,serum and facial foam cleanser. The Ponds Age Miracle range is enriched with 6 bio actives like Retinol, CLA, AHA and Glycerin that rapidly renew skin cells, visibly reduce fine lines, dullness and age spots.Feel upto 10 years younger and don’t let your youth fade away.