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Twills is a lifestyle brand that has been redefining style for men since 1999. Envisioned and nurtured in Andhra Pradesh, Twills began as a dream that soared high, created a niche for itself in one state and then, spread its wings to other parts of India. Today, it has become one of the most sought-after brands in India. By offering superior quality collection at competitive prices, it has transformed itself from being early entrants to game-changers. In this process, Twills has made best-in-class style affordable and accessible to the trendy youth across India.

Brand USP: The brand offers products of top class quality at honest prices thereby justifying the stand that Twills is a value for money product.

Core Product Offering: Twills is a menswear casual brand and the core product offering comprises shirts, trousers, denims, t-shirts and accessories.

Target consumers: For Twills 70 percent of the targeted consumers are youth and the remaining 30 percent comprise of the working class (office going) category.

No. of Indian cities currently present in: 85

Total No. of EBOs: 76

Total No. of MBOs: 2,500

No. of EBOs added in 2014: 18

No of MBOs added in 2014: 350

Presence in Large Format Store: Reliance Trends, Central, Mega Mart and Brand Factory.