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Established in 1998 by , Thunder Jeans is a casual range for men. Somani Creations has developed a successful between production technology and apparel design. Today, they produce 1,200 pieces in a day and supply to all corporate retailers in the country.

Brand USP:
The men’s casual brand, Thunder offers the latest fashion at economic range to middle-class consumers. Their cotton trousers are priced at `595, and the prices of denim jeans starts from Rs. 795.

Target customers: Their main target group are middle class and upper-middle class.

No. of Indian cities currently present in: The brand has presence in over 300 cities in the country.

Total no. of MBOs: 600+

No. of MBOs added in 2014: 35

New territories or regions added: The brand recently added Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh among their marketing portfolio.

Future plans: They recently started a new brand ‘Tricky’ for boys of 2-16 years old. At present, they plan on broaden the reach.

Targeted cities in the next couple of years: South India

Growth percentage (CAGR of last 3 years): 22%

Brand turnover (estimated for CY2014): Rs. 30 crore