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is an authentic premium denim brand that manufactures quality products with complete in-house manufacturing facilities. Established in 1991, is based out of Mumbai and has its registered office in Kolkata. The denim brand has a strong and consistent growing customer base in all the covering areas. In fact, the brand has not encountered the impact of market slow down until date and is able to maintain average 15-20 percent annual growth in revenue.

Brand USP: Quality, comfort and design have been the focus areas of the brand. Now, Camaro is also concentrating on visibility.

Core Product Offering: The product range from the brand includes jeans, trousers, t-shirts, jackets and sweatshirts. It is also planning to come up with shirt collections.

Target consumers: Audience between the age group of 25 and 45 years.

No. of Indian cities currently present in: Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, North and West Bengal, Odisha, Assam and North-east states

Total no. of EBOs: 1
Total no. of MBOs: 1,250
Total no. of flagship store(s): 1

New territory or  region added: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatishgarh

Future plans: Camaro plans to work on product diversification and to enhance the visibility in existing areas. As per the brand the sales target were exceeded in current existing areas.

The targeted towns or cities in the next couple of years:
EBO in all major cities

Growth percentage(CAGR last 3 years): 15-20% Denims and 10-15% T-shirts