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Top S/S Couture Hair


Asgar Saboo, Celebrity Hairstylist and Style Director at the Daniel Galvin Salon in Mayfair shares with us his favourite Couture hairstyles to get the sleekest runway look this season. According to the hair guru, the on-trend hairstyle is the up-do.

Sleek Ponytail: For Asgar, days spent in the office are only an excuse for a slick and sophisticated look. Use serum to slick the hair to the face and tie in a neat ponytail at the nape of the neck. This creates a dramatic look that accentuates the cheek bones, contrast with pastel coloured eyeliner, to make the eyes pop for a more feminine look.

Low Ponytails: Low ponytails are the ultimate go-to for a fresh, feminine look this Spring. Use only your hands and loosely pull back the hair away from the face and tie above the nape of the neck, creating a soft look perfect for lazy days or creating a more casual look for an occasion. Team with minimal makeup for a fresh, Spring finish.

Twisted Halo-Braid: Start with freshly blow dried hair to get rid of the frizz, then starting from the left side of the head, loosely French plait the hair working clockwise across your head, finishing at the nape of the neck to complete the halo. This look works for any occasion and is the perfect complement to a floral Spring dress; add a sprinkling of flowers to epitomise the fresh, feminine look.

Tousled Midi-Bob: This season’s cut to have is the midi-bob. Channel your inner Sienna Miller and go for the tousled look. Start by applying texturising spray to give your hair that little bit of volume to complete this look. Using a small round brush, blow dry sections of the hair, rolling away from your face, complete the process with a curling iron, curling an inch from the root, leaving the root straight. Finally run your fingers through the hair to break up the curls. This look is perfect for every occasion.

Credit Asgar Saboo: www.asgarboo.com