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Van Heusen Reinvents the Business Model


Van Heusen is credited with launching several innovations in the market such as `best white shirt’. The brand has launched another innovative solution that will revolutionise every consumer’s wardrobe. Given the considerable growth in online shopping, the brand is recrafting its strategy and has launched MYFIT that blends both the online and offline worlds. MYFIT’s USP lies in creating the perfect fitting garment across every body type, a brilliant feat achieved by any readymade apparel brand for the first time in the country. This model has been built in a manner that enables consumers to shop across its 250 stores or to shop online through its official online store www.trendin.com.
To build this new model, the brand has undertaken a slew of initiatives to integrate its front-end and back-end infrastructure with ecommerce infrastructure built for Trendin. MYFIT’s manufacturing facility has been re-engineered to manufacture garments within two-three days instead of standard industry operating cycle of three-four months with very low inventory levels. Additionally, more than 1,200 front-end sales staff have undergone special training only for MYFIT so that they will be equipped to translate MYFIT to its end consumers,
Van Heusen’s MYFIT is the result of several consumer studies that the brand undertook, which  indicated that one in three consumers walk out of the stores due to lack of appropriate sizes available in the market. More than 60 percent of consumers end up making compromises with their fits. Van Heusen was inspired to create MYFIT that would end consumers having to make compromises on their fits.
Vinay Bhopatkar, COO, Van Heusen, says, “Though the brand is in its initial stages of introduction of MYFIT, this innovation has already received an overwhelming response. The brand is getting 100 orders every day under MYFIT within three months of its launch. Interestingly, 80 percent of the orders are getting generated offline and 45 percent of the orders are in fits or sizes that are not available in the stores otherwise. While Van Heusen is present across 120 cities through its EBOs, MYFIT has already reached 200  plus cities due to online-offline integration.”
This shows tremendous potential of the offering, he added. “We are witnessing increased customer satisfaction as the net promoter score in our benchmark store has gone up since the launch of MYFIT with improvement in ‘fit’ related issues. We are also witnessing higher levels of conversions – 30 percent of the people who buy MYFIT are becoming repeat shoppers. We had started with formal shirts and have already expanded it to trousers and suits as we speak.”
Today, with Van Heusen’ MYFIT, a consumer can walk-into any of our 250 plus stores, choose from a wealth of options to fit to his body, his size and his taste.