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Foodservice start-up launches unique DIY gourmet concept


For the first time ever, an extraordinary collection of ‘designer’ and eponymous recipes conceptualised and crafted by celebrity chefs and popular global personalities will available via a unique, innovative foodservice concept in India.

.com, an online foodservice start-up, is delivering 5-star rated signature recipes for consumers of which ingredients that are fresh, ready to cook (cleaned, cut, chopped, boiled, measured in right portions and packed) bundled with whole lot of experience at their doorsteps within 24 hours of order placements. Consumers simply need to follow the crisp cooking instructions in the package, cook within no time (30 minutes on average) and enjoy a signature dining experience in their private spaces.

Every week, GourmetBnC’s chef council selects seven different delicious recipes of different cuisines from different continents. Each recipe undergoes a kitchen SOP by their chefs to simplify the cooking method but ensuring the sophistication in taste and texture.

“This is a DIY gourmet experience,” says , Founder of GourmetBnC, who believes urban Indian consumers are now increasingly drawn to the idea of cooking unconventional meals in the comfort of their homes.

“What we are trying to do here is create unusual experiences in foodservice. We take the hard work — identifying retailers, sourcing ingredients, learning the modus operandi — out of preparing a gourmet meal. With every box containing every single ingredient of the dish in exact quantities, accompanied by a simple instruction guide, there is nothing that a consumer needs to do, except actually enjoying the preparation process.”

Sample this: On the 66th Indian Republic Day, Barack Obama will be India’s chief guest and starts a new chapter of Indo-US ties. The team at GourmetBnC is leveraging this occasion to make this R-Day spicy, with #EatLikeObama. The format is starting off with (24th Jan – 2nd Feb) offerings that are signature favorites of Mr. President — the ‘Biggest Loser White House Salad’, ‘Mr. President’s Chili Recipe-Rice’, ‘Presidential Irish Stew’ and other similar intriguingly named preparations.

The difference being, customers will not be served the actual meal, but in fact all the ingredients — including the cooking medium — cut, washed and measured and delivered in elegant boxes.

“In addition, we also include subtle mood builders such as candles in the box, if the customer is looking at creating a romantic meal for two,” Shenoy adds.

With a 24-hour delivery promise, Shenoy has set up a robust backend mechanism with food importers to ensure consistent supplies of quality ingredients as and when required. While Gourmet BnC for now is delivering only in Delhi-NCR (barring Faridabad), Shenoy is looking at swiftly scaling up operations to other states also.