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Kérastase: For high shine soft hair


Luxury hair care is all about sensationally soft and lustrous hair. Taking a cue from this desire of discerning consumers, Kérastase has mastered the art of luxury hair care. Moving forward from here, they have created the Morpho-Keratine molecule, the key ingredient of the new Discipline range of products that repair hair from the inside by reconstituting the hair fibre and provides Discipline outside by enveloping the fibre with a protective coating for anti-humidity action for healthy and beautiful hair. A must have from the range is the shampoo, Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate Free, a rich yet gentle cleansing formula especially suited for the needs of unruly over-processed hair types.

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Kérastase has mastered the art of luxury hair care

A ritual for unruly hair, Fatima Hussain, the ritualist, did a close observation with a special camera especially designed to diagnose the scalp.
The assessment verified that I have a very sensitive and dry scalp and thus she advised me few products to deal with my hair loss and dry hair.
The process
Step 1: My hair was washed with the Kerastase Bain Fluidealiste shampoo to remove impurities and prepare the hair for treatment.
Step 2: After towel drying my hair, the Soin No 1, a mask conditioner, was applied section by section using the specific application tools. Since my hair length is medium, she used two scoops of the mask. Hair was divided into sections and the product was applied without touching the roots, from mid length to end. After the application, hair was combed to de-tangle so that the conditioner is able to penetrate and remove any excesses. The procedure coats the hair fibre providing an intense reconstitution and long-lasting manageability.
Step 3: To let the product penetrate further, my head was massaged which helps to relax and prepares the hair to go through blow dry and ironing.
Step 4: The hair was blast dried before ironing.
Step 5: After drying comes ironing. The procedure of ironing is done to lock in the moisture in the hair. The fl at iron is used at 180 degree and done section by section, passing the iron twice per section. This allows hair discipline and keeps anti-frizz for upto five shampoos.
Step 6: Hair was sprayed with Spray Fluidissime to amplify shine and smoothness.