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Avni Amlani: Best face forward


2015 and beyond brings in an exciting period for the beauty, spa and wellness industry, as professionals and owners are moving away from offering generic facial and body treatments. Their focus is to reach out to specific types of clientele, who want the benefits of result-driven products and technology simultaneously, which is vital when revising the service menu and business plan. Influencing factors such as, social media, evolving technology, cosmetic procedures, internet and online retailing, are contributing to the continuously changing perceptions and expectations of clients.

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Skin needling or Derma roller is increasing in popularity (Image Courtesy: Shutterstock)

Beauty transformation via social media and selfies
With the increase in the number of smart phone users, interaction on social media is unavoidable. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or various other channels, the super-posed selfie is everywhere. The rise of the selfie has increased focus on self-appearance not discriminatory to gender or generation, which will be witnessing Avni Amlanian increasing interest from the younger generation in both injectables, invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures. These self-conscious clients are visiting all types of spas seeking solutions for their perceived appearance problems. The skin care professional must be ready to guide them into making the right decision that addresses their concerns.

Skin needling or Derma roller is increasing in popularity as a service offered by qualified licensed skin care professionals. This technique uses tiny needles to induce dermal regeneration and collagen stimulation, enhancing the penetration and absorption of active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, additional age-fighting skin benefits can be achieved when skin needling is combined with products that contain collagen-boosting and skin-fortifying ingredients like Retinol, Vitamin C and Peptides.

Savvy client
With the increase in awareness, more and more clients are focusing on the purity and quality of the topical products that are applied and absorbed into their skin. The savvy clients are influencing skin care brands on labelling their products, e.g. paraben free, gluten free, and more, and how their skin care treatments are described. The skin care professional needs to incorporate a selection of the result-driven product range and state of the art technology within their treatments. It’s no longer a choice of offering either/or, ‘high-touch or hi-tech, because with the rapidly evolving technologies, the therapists have a choice of combining key ingredients like designer peptides, Ginger, Oatmeal, White Tea and Salicylic Acid to name a few in new and powerful ways with less risk, decreased downtime and superior results. Look out for skin care products which contain Biotin or Vitamin H, a ‘beauty vitamin’, which is a watersoluble B-complex vitamin. Also Biotin, Vitamin B7 or Coenzyme R are important in skin care.

Retailing in skin care
Beauty and hair professionals understand the importance of retailing skin and hair products to their clients, however, they are now experiencing the challenge of competing with the increasing number of online retailers. This means that the professional will have to enhance the live, on-the-ground shopping experience with personalisation, expertise, prescriptive selling, engagement and a sense of connection, which is not possible via a few mouse-clicks. The in-store experience offers immediacy, you can provide what the clients wants within few minutes.

Must-do this year
Following are trends and the ways in which you should be interacting with your clients to compete with online retailers.

Join the mobile mania: Be sure that you have web and social media visibility and are also hooked up to Just Dial and the rest.

Offer products on demand: Keep your client’s details online so you can offer speedy curbside pickup when they need to replenish essentials, such as cleanser and SPF. No parking necessary, just sign, pay online, grab a bag and go. Be transparent in your pricing, be sure that you are offering something they can’t get elsewhere, such as surprise add-on services, events, samples to try, highly educated and informed personal service.

Create a unique experience: Partner with like minded local allies and offer fun promotions and live events. Teach something new, serve refreshments, hold book signings, giveaways, Instagram contests, and offer pre-made kits and personalized service, which is impossible to replicate online.

Engage with your clients: Coach your team to be truly present with clients – listen 80 per cent of the time and talk 20 per cent of the time. Train them in giving meaningful eye contact and body language—exactly what is missing from online transactions.  Be sure that your skin care facility looks unique, active, alive, lit-up, and provokes curiosity and interest.