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GJF Presents 5th National Jewellery Awards


(GJF), the national trade body for the promotion and growth of trade in Gems and Jewellery Industry across India, presents the most prestigious National Jewellery Awards (NJA 2015) in the gems & jewellery (G&J) industry.

The event will take place in Mumbai on February 21, 2015. This annual award ceremony is aimed at recognizing the immense talent, innovation and creativity of its members, associates and students presently studying in gems and jewellery institutes.

NJA 2015 comprises four different segments and 26 award categories. The four different segments are: Retailer Awards (For GJF members only); Manufacturer Awards (For GJF members only); Jewellers Awards (Open to all in the industry fraternity) and Students Award (For students presently studying in a gems & jewellery institute).

is a special recognition to acknowledge and encourage the creative skills of youth in the gems & jewellery industry. The awards numbering 10 will carry a Scholarship worth of Rs 15 lakh which would help student to further their career aspirations.

Each category of the awards has a personalized timeline and appropriate assessment process in order to define the excellence of the winner in the most adequate procedure that will propel the vital recognition that one accurately earns.

, Chairman, GJF, said, “GJF is pleased to host the 5th NJA 2015 Awards. The gems and jewellery industry has significantly contributed to the growth of Indian economy in the last five years. The industry has gained global popularity because of its talented craftsmen, jeweler designs, its superior practices in cutting and polishing fine diamonds and precious stones and its cost-efficiencies. NJA 2015 is about crafting inspiration, passion, devotion and motivation for the industry. Honoring the innovation and creativity that inspires the flair of such talent is the core objective of GJF NJA 2015 will honor every aspect, contribution and endeavor that goes in encouraging & enhancing innovation, creating masterpieces and setting new benchmarks in achieving business growth in the G&J industry.”

, Chairman, NJA Committee, GJF, said “NJA 2015 is a testimony of our commitment to the growth and development of the gems and jewellery industry. These awards are a stellar example of GJF´s unbiased and relentless efforts for the welfare of gems and jewellery industry and the people engaged in the industry, which has won it accolades and an unquestionable credibility for being fair, supportive and appreciative towards the industry.”