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Face reflexology: For the rejuvenated look


Today’s fast moving lifestyle brings along with it plenty of stress, pollution, unhealthy food and living patterns. While there are several chemical processes and therapies in the market which promise healthy skin, they do have certain side effects. Professionals in the field recommend Face Reflexology, a procedure which is based on the ancient healing techniques that help in keeping our skin healthy.

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Face Reflexology, an ancient healing procedure that help in keeping our skin healthy

Face Reflexology
It is a unique treatment based on three ancient healing traditions – facial acupuncture points and energy meridians from the Chinese and Vietnamese traditions and South American Andrean tribal body maps located on the face. Andrean body maps are used to locate the stimulation points on the face that are correlated with specific organs or organ systems. The success and effectiveness of Face Reflexology lies in the face’s proximity to the brain and in the skill of the person performing the treatment and to identify the root cause of health imbalances. Face Reflexology tightens the skin and the slackening jaw line and improves circulation and energy flow. Using the balancing properties of the ancient healing disciplines, the entire face is treated for 45 to 50 minutes and is suitable for all ages.

Dr. Indu Tolani, Dermatologist, Delhi

Indu TolaniThe treatment: The procedure involves a massage with some special oils or lotions by applying pressure with fingers or probes only on the specific points according to charts which are based on ancient Chinese and Vietnamese principles.
Benefits: The face gets a rejuvenated and glowing appearance and some tightening can be felt. It is also very relaxing for the whole system.
Home care regime: No special care is needed and the face can be washed as usual. After 12 hours sunscreen should be used and then on a daily basis. The sessions need to be repeated.

Nalini Naegamwala, Beautician, Nalini & Yasmin Salon, Mumbai

The treatment: Finger tips are used to perform the treatment. A detailed health history is obtained from the client in the first appointment itself. Then an analysis is Nalini Naegamwalamade to assess the current health status and a treatment plan is designed according to the needs. Every session commences with the stimulation of facial acupuncture points to enervate the energetic channels throughout the body, along with the blood circulation, nerve and lymphatic supply of the face. Then one proceeds with a series of different procedures on the face maps, which represent the 12 major Chinese energy meridians and your physical and psychological aspects. Through these maps, the brain and nerve is stimulated and the re-balancing process is initiated.
Effective for: Those who suffer from Parkinson’s, menopausal discomfort, arthritis, migraine and the other general effects of a stressful lifestyle and hyperactive children.
Home care regime: The benefits continue for some days and a course of treatment is advised. An effective and cleansing suggestion is to have green tea.

Dr. Madhuri Agarwal, Cosmetologist, Mumbai

The treatment: A detailed history is taken followed by a facial analysis and then a complete plan of treatment is designed to address all the needs. The session begins Madhuri Agarwalwith the stimulation of specific facial acupuncture points to improve the nerve, blood and lymph supply using the tribal maps. Through modern reflexology, precise combinations of pressure points on face are chosen to stimulate the ‘Qi’ and address problems specific to the patient. Series of sessions are required to achieve the desired result.
Effective for: It is used as an adjuvant therapy for a variety of disorders, like arthritis, migraine, Parkinsonism, hyperactive children, stress, gastric disorders, insomnia, among other ailments.
Home care regime: It is essential to follow a well balanced diet plan, along with regular exercise during therapy. However, if the health concern persists, it is necessary to consult a physician.

Vinita Matta, Cosmetologist and Skin Aesthetician, Mumbai

The treatment: At first a detailed health history is obtained from the client, which is followed by a face analysis to know the present health status, and then a treatment is Vinita Mattadesigned. One has to conduct a face mapping session for the client to check and identify the root cause of the health discomfort. The treatment is applied to the face using the finger tips. Organic rose hip oil is used as a lubricant as it has a high antioxidant content, which is useful for preventing signs of ageing; aromatherapy oils with an antioxidant content, can be used. One must proceed with a series of different procedures on the face maps, which represent the Chinese energy meridians, as this relate to one’s physical and psychological aspects. One can massage on each of these points for two to three minutes. As a general rule, working from the top to the bottom relaxes and working from bottom to top activates.

Let the client relax first and if the client is getting up soon, finish with a few bottom to top strokes to energise them. Along the same thought, short four to five minute massage of a point typically excites the system, while longer massage, 45 seconds to several minutes, tones or relaxes the system. The reflection of the body is then massaged with deep, long strokes to access the deeper layers of the skin. This is followed by a stimulation using the Oriental system and re-balancing using the nerve points. The session will work over the entire surface of the face and the treatment concludes with a face massage.
Effective for: Children suffering from behavior and learning issues, Parkinson patients, menopausal discomfort, migraine problem and
hyperactive children.
Benefits: This is an excellent way to reduce wrinkles, the perpetual frown and the dreaded bags under the eyes. With a Face Reflexology session, the face glows, the eyes shine, colour returns to the skin and the muscles feel smooth and mobile. Through the
unique combination of its Oriental medicine, aboriginal techniques and neuro-anatomy, it helps in re-balancing the body’s chemistry, immune system and nerve system. It helps to improve the energy levels and blood circulation providing young and glowing skin, reduce pain and fatigue associated with stress and chronic conditions. It helps in solving hormonal imbalances, menopausal and digestive problems.
Home care regime: Try to live a stress-free life, keep the skin internally and externally hydrated at all given times, do a few basic facial exercises at home and avoid frowning in a day-to-day routine of life.