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Spanish big brand Custo Barcelona coming soon to Delhi & Mumbai


, an international designer famous for dressing celebrities like , , Beyonce Knowles, Shakira, Penelope Cruz and Taye Diggs, is bringing his brand to the Indian market with two stores. Dalmau’s label is called Custo Barcelona. To begin with, one of its stores will be in Mumbai and another one in the capital.

A series of other garments have gradually been added to their Custo T-shirts, creating a full range of garments and accessories for men and women. The key to their success lies in the originality of their product line that has positioned Custo Barcelona amongst the leading fashion names. The firm continues to dedicate major efforts to exploring new print techniques in its bid to continue with its ground-breaking trends.

Custo Barcelona garments are sold in multibrand stores all over the world. Since 2000 there has been a change in policy. They now aim to reach the public more directly, offering them their full collection. Their is based on opening their own stores, starting with Barcelona and their flagship store. Today they have 80 exclusive stores and 3000 fashion retailers globally in more than 40 countries.