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Bridal studios, spoilt for choice


Salon India spoke to Delhi-based experts Guneet Virdi and Nidhi Thukral about their bridal studio, the burgeoning industry trend and how it is helps them attract a clientele.

Bespoke Beauty & Makeup Studio by Guneet Virdi and (Bottom) Nidhi Thukral’s Bridal Studio

The Indian salon space is seeing a sea change. Today parlours are addressed as ‘salons’ or ‘make-up studios’. Thanks to the changing mindset of the Indian audience – they are guneet and nidhinot only up-to-date, but also know what they want, especially in terms of their hair, make-up and fashion styling. As a result, salon chain owners have to go an extra mile to innovate their services. One such offering is the  concept of bridal make-up studios, customised as per the needs of the client.

Guneet Virdi, a trained artist from London College of Make-up, within two years of her career span, has set up an 1100 sq ft stand alone studio at one of the plush streets of Delhi. Elaborating on the same, Guneet shares, “Beauty & Makeup Studio is all about make-up and customised services that are as per the client’s need and skin type. At our studio, we believe in identifying the skin type and the personal style of our clients as a part of their consulting and grooming session.”

She holds certification from Dermalogica in skin care that allows her to merge her make-up art with popular skin care solutions. According to her, Indian brides are willing nidhi with modelsto experiment, but in an understated manner. Today, they not only pay attention to their wedding trousseau and jewellery, but also to their detailed hair and make-up look. Everything has to be conjunction – so here bridal studios are of utmost importance.

Detailing her solid business mantra, Guneet continues, “I learn everyday and strongly believe that there is no end to it. Indian hair and make-up is a progressing industry. Many salons and studios are opening, but only those will survive which provide quality services at decent rates. People are ready to explore and try new artists, especially in Delhi. However, if you are good at your work, then retaining clients is not a challenge.”

Cost-effective service plus quality work, however, we all bet for, but what makes these studios stand out in the crowd?

Nidhi Thukral – make up and hair pro says “There are several reasons for this. A woman of today is much more aware of her looks. Looking good isn’t just about weddings or grand occasions, even smaller events are a reason for women today to indulge in good bride photomake-up and hairstyling. When it comes to the Indian brides, they are very smart and definitely opt for glam Hollywood make-up, but at the same time, they will like to retain traditional elements like passa, gajra and others. They like to add a flavour of everything, on her Mehandi, Sangeet or wedding”. She has also recently opened her bridal studio in Punjabi Bagh.

Though this profession has gained paramount popularity and the bar has been raised due to education and cultural exchange, but still the industry needs to be more organised and professional. One has to be constantly on their toes to survive stiff competition. Nidhi follows a guru mantra: “Never take your business or success for granted. Never sit easy and feel that you have achieved enough or that you know it all. Keep learning and improvising. Always be innovative and develop your ‘signature’ style. My biggest strength is my client.”