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SkinYoga: Rejuvenate the natural way!


Yoga practitioners claim a sense of calmness and being one with nature. Our skin, the
largest organ in our body could do with this sort of maintenance, too. Salon India in
conversation with the Chaudhary sisters, Radhika, Jagriti and Deepika, who have come up with SkinYoga to cleanse and calm the skin.

A chemical-free beauty and skin care ritual

SkinYoga had to happen. It was ingrained in us to always go the natural way. Since childhood, we were treated with natural remedies for fever, cough and more. We lived a chemical-free life and the same applied to our beauty and skin care ritual,” says Radhika Choudhary, one third of the triumvirate of sisters that have developed products so that our skin can reap the benefits of yoga.

skin yoga sisters

Radhika, Jagriti and Deepika are the co-founder sisters of SkinYoga, a beauty brand based in Ahmedabad. It is Radhika’s job to go into the interiors and source the purest and the most premium quality ingredients for us. She brings on table the practical market research and know-how from her nomadic lifestyle. This ensures that SkinYoga talks to you the language of experience and expertise.

Jagriti is the business brain of SkinYoga and she is the one who makes sure the product reaches you through reliable channels. She brings with her an in-depth knowledge in Finance and Economics and is a passionate entrepreneur.

Deepika is responsible for branding and creating visuals for the marketing of SkinYoga. A fashion designer from Central Saint Martins College of Arts in London, Deepika has worked with the likes of Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood and Burberry. Together with their staff of about 20 people, the sisters bring out a fascinating range of products in an alchemy of completely natural ingredients, without any preservatives.

“We sisters grew up in a 20-acre farm in India, where we grew our own vegetables and milked our own cows. Later, for higher education, we moved countries. The transition from the farm life to the concrete glam life made us realise the importance of nature. This experience has served as our biggest inspiration to start SkinYoga and to share with the world how simple and effective it is to follow a natural lifestyle. We believe that there is a dire need for businesses today to contribute to the changing mindset of people who opt for a natural lifestyle,” says Jagriti.

Philosophy of life
Jagriti further adds, “We do what we do is because we love women, we want to empower and make them feel beautiful and confident. Our philosophy splits in two parts personal and work. We have to accept it that our value and morals that we three sisters hold is a bit of a dying breed and habit. At work when we give our word it means more than a 50 page contract. For us, loyalty means everything, be it our users or the suppliers or our workers. We are very protective of all three. Till now these three beliefs have been our pillars of strength. Make no mistake our product is not cosmetic make-up. The formula is created to bring the best out of your skin. We have ventured into a lifelong commitments with ourselves and our clients to give only what is required to make their skin and health the very best. Our primary motive to get into the beauty market like I said before was to provide the very best to our customers. Quality is almost signature to our brand. In our personal lives we believe in giving back to the society not just in terms of money, but by empowering women, be it by providing them with good education or jobs opportunities so that they can raise their families. Our labour base comprises of 80 per cent women.”

Jagriti shares that they are not only trained, but also blessed to have practiced it and experienced natural lifestyle all their life. “We are bringing on to the table our experience of using these products for 20 odd years. These formulas have been passed on to us from generations – guaranteeing long lasting results. Not only do we concentrate on creating the best quality product possible, but also create products that suit individual skin types to protect it from inconsistent nature and seasonal changes while keeping the practicality of today’s fast paced life in mind.”

The skin care routine is their pride and can single handedly do it all; be cleansing, moisturising, nourishing and anti-ageing. They have built and made products that are so well researched and have possibly gone through all kinds of tests and lab work that their clients wouldn’t have to rely on any other routine to take care of their skin problems. Another unique feature of their production cycle is that they procure each ingredient from its place of origin where nature plays its role to produce them. They do not use pesticides and plant growth hormones.

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Innovations done
The products are dry which keeps the ingredients active for a long time. Think of it this way, for example, if you mix water with flour it would go bad within a day. Imagine how much preservatives go into these so called natural brands that use it to make it last for two years! Therefore, the ingredients are dry, so when you are ready to activate the ingredients, you apply it with water.

Best selling products
All the products are made to solve different skin issues. Their sandalwood saffron mask is not just a mask; even after washing it off, the activated natural oils keep the skin moisturised which reduces wrinkles creating a firm lifting effect and hence reversing the signs of ageing and leaving the skin with a moist film. The most expensive creams wouldn’t not do this, at least not without chemicals.

Expansion and future plans
Jagriti reveals, “We would like to consolidate our online presence before setting up stores, though we are on the look-out for stores to stock our products in various cities. We are also looking into expanding the range to hair products. People need to watch out for that cause which we believe to be revolutionary. We want to bring a sophisticated and advance range in natural skincare product which can be used everyday more effectively than any chemical based product in the market. We are aiming to make every household and vanity bag chemical and paraben (chemical that cause cancer) free. We have the best team to source the best ingredients from all over the world. We absolutely control everything from sourcing to research to formulation and manufacturing. Every stage goes through our eyes. We are obsessed with quality. So much so we didn’t add aroma oils to make it smell good and attract customers.”