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Navarasas: Whiff of good health


Holistic medicine is known to treat a person or animal by creating a balance between physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual elements of the body. It was this philosophy that inspired , Managing Director, Navarasas to turn to aromatherapy for beauty and wellbeing

The beginning
Our journey has been a rather eventful and an inspiring one. In 2011, my oldest dog Dutchess, 12 years old at the time, lost complete use of her hind legs. The vets suggested putting her down, but Dutchess was fine aside from her mobility. Her personality was unchanged,” says Nikki Kapoor. Hence, she started work, study and learning about alternative cures. Since she knew about essential oils, she decided to try those. Massage and aromatherapy with essential oils had dutchess walking in five days! Cannot deny that she has a limp but it was better than putting her down! “I myself had been suffering from endometriosis (stage four with adhesion to the bowel) and fibromyalgia since my early teens. I have survived cancer twice, but the body does exhibit its damage in the form of unnerving chronic, widespread pain. Seeing the success essential oils had on Dutchess, I tried them myself as well and the results were phenomenal. The essential oil blending for therapeutic purposes started there on for family and friends to address joint pains, muscle cramps, exhaustion, cough and cold, cuts, hair loss, psoriasis and many others. With 99 per cent positive feedback, the encouragement grew, I finally came up with Navarasas.”

Navarasas remains a product of love and inspiration even today. Our driving force is to spread health and holistic healing among our customers and help them achieve their eternal Balance.

“We chose the name Navarasas because it signifies the nine human emotions. It is from these basic nine emotions that all emotions stem. Also, it is only when we can balance all nine are we said to be living a fulfilling and satisfying life. If you look at our logo, the nine bars under
the name, each stand for one of the nine humans. The bar on top of the name, in the centre, is for the balance we strive to achieve for our clients. The bar that denotes balance and signifies pure energy emission from someone with complete emotional balance. We prepare
therapeutic essential oil blends to cater to ailments. Since the physical body needs to be healed to achieve perfect balance, that remains the core of our mission. We have oils for common ailments like pain, hair loss, common cold, cuts and scrapes, and more. Aside from that, we can custom make essential oil blends to cater to particular ailments including psoriasis, obesity, depression and others. By harmonising holistic healing and nature’s living energy in the form of essential oil blends and aromatherapy, Navarasas caters to a wide range of natural
products for humans and animals alike.

Aromatherapy has gained immense popularity in the last two decades. Essential oils have a very strong aroma which has the ability to affect
our brain within seconds of inhalation. Depending on the kind of relief one may be looking for, an essential oil blend can be prepared not
only to target the affected area, but also to target the brain to reduce the body’s reaction to an affected area. This customisation based on an
individual’s specific requirements is our biggest innovation.

Our customised massage oil blends, targeting muscle pain, stress, exhaustion, deep tissue massage, muscle strengthening, and bone strengthening, are extremely popular with spas and salons. The made-to-order bath and body products act as catalysts in making a bath
routine more refreshing and energising – and are therefore a hit with our clients.