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    50% of Amazon’s traffic comes from mobiles


    gets half its traffic from smartphones, it launched its mobile app for iOS and Android phones last year and couple of months back they have launched their app for Windows phones also.

    India is a mobile first market and m-commerce is growing rapidly in India.

    Apart from Amazon even and are also registering significant pace of growth in m-commerce.

    Amazon is seeing a great traction from non-metro cities ,which now contribute to nearly 50% of the orders that they receive.

    Talking about Amazon’s delivery model, the company’s official report, stated, “We have also been consistently working towards providing our customers with a fast and reliable delivery experience. In line with this, we were the first ones in India to introduce premium guaranteed delivery services including two day and one day delivery services for items fulfilled by Amazon last December. In 12 months we have increased our in-stock selection by 400% and today over half a million products are eligible for next day delivery across hundreds of pin codes in India. More than 60% of our customer demand is now eligible for next-day shipping on products fulfilled by Amazon. Taking this further, we introduced Same Day Delivery, Scheduled Delivery as well as Release Day Delivery this year.”

    According to Amazon’s official report, “Indian Postal Services (IPS) is one of the prime carriers that Amazon.in uses as a delivery channel. And shipments through IPS have grown exponentially this year. The total number of shipments in November this year through IPS were 200x of those in June 2013. In 2014, we launched pilots of ‘amazon pickups’ in Delhi and Mumbai jointly with BPCL as well as with kirana stores to be our shipment pick-up points.  We have now extended our kirana store pilots to several cities across India.”

    This year Amazon ha increased their storage capacity from 150,000 sq ft to over half a million sq ft by setting up 7 new fulfillment centers in 7 Indian states. They now have 8 FCs operational in India.