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Optimising Technology for a Strong Customer Base


As we go digital for its time saving and offers easy accessbility features, our electronic gadgets are high on technology and are our friends in disguise. When we optimise the use of technology, players in the salon and spa industry will automatically attract more customers and retain the old ones. Technology, when used wisely, has the potential to completely transform our businesses. The new age tools enable us to reach out to the millions of people today, who could be our clients, tomorrow.

CK Kumaravel, CEO and Co-Founder, Naturals Salons, says, “I feel, customers are our lifeline and we should make every effort, every initiative to keep them happy and satisfied with our services. At Naturals, we have a dedicated team who looks after Client Relationship Management (CRM). Smart devices like mobile and computers have helped us to incorporate new technologies to enhance our customer experience. Some of the benefits we have availed of, post using the CRM technology, are of maximised customer satisfaction. We have given our customers interactive access to service information and have constant connectivity with them, which is so critical to our business.”