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Promotion of Muga Silk 


Muga is wild eco race available only in India inhabitating Brahamputra valley covering mainly Assam and parts of Meghalaya and Nagaland bordering Assam. In order to produce better quality silk and increase the yield, 8 best muga silkworm races have been isolated and assessed by the Central Muga Research Institute, Ladoigarh, Jorhat of the Central Silk Board (CSB).

The major problem identified is lack of systematic plantation and silkworm seed supply. The Government has taken remedial steps to improve silkworm breed, evolve better host plants along with development of appropriate package of practices through the Central Silk Board (CSB)’s main Research Institute; CMER&TI located at Ladoigarh in Jorhat, Assam. Under Centrally sponsored Catalytic Development Programme (CDP) support to farmers are provided for (i) Raising muga food plant nursery (ii) Augmentation and maintenance of muga food plants with start up tools, (iii) Assistance for maintenance of existing muga food plantation (iv) Assistance to muga adopted seed rearers, (v) Assistance to muga private grainures and (vi) Assistance to existing muga private grainures for up-gradation of seed production capacity as well as assistance for strengthening and up-gradation of their seed infrastructure to the State.

The Government has identified new potential muga seed zones in West Bengal (Cooch Behar District, Kalimpong, Darjeeling District), Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand. These isolated seed zones help to augment commercial seed production in Assam.