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Manish Arora: Eclectic eccentricity


He must be one of the few who takes pride in being called an eccentric. It is this quality that lends the man and the brand its unique flavour. In this short interview, the ‘eccentric’ designer talks about his love for fashion and what drives him

You are one of the most eccentric/eclectic designers, equally loved in India and abroad. What is your inspiration?
I am mostly inspired by the diverse places I travel to and the people I meet with. It’s encouraging to see different people interpreting your work in their own little way.

Hair and make-up is an essential part of your creations and look on the ramp. What goes into the whole process of conceptualising and what role do you play in creating the look, besides the clothes?
It is about creating a vision and we share this vision as a team. Hair and make-up together with accessories and clothes makes for a complete picture.

You participate in many international fashion weeks. How do you see the Indian fashion industry on a comparative level?
I feel that it is different with every city/country. Even within India, while Delhi is evolving, Mumbai is more evolved fashion wise. Gradually fashion is spreading to places and people are increasingly becoming interested.

What projects are you currently working on?
The next A/W ‘15 collection for Paris Fashion Week, S/S ‘15 for Fashion Week.

What drives you criticism or appreciation?
There is a bit to take from both, I guess.

What’s an average day in the life of Manish Arora?
It surely has to be pumped up with just the right amount of energy! I love listening to music while working. Even an average day would not be average in reality. Also, it’s about creating something beautiful in the end. Even the slightest innovation makes my day.

What are your future plans?
The brand ‘Manish Arora’ has to spread its wings into more genres. The focus is also on my ready-to-wear Indian line, ‘Indian by Manish Arora’ which offers clothes in affordable budgets for the Indian market.