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Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2014 Takes Place in Gurgaon


Glamorous fashion event, Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2014 took place in Gurgaon that showcased chic designs, contemporary patterns and cutting edge experiences curated by and Little Shilpa.

Bringing together a concoction of design, music and technology, this tour, in its tenth edition, celebrates absolution in style. , Assistant Vice President at India said, “Blenders Pride Fashion Tour celebrates 10 years of style, substance and excellence. This year, the Tour goes grander, infused with newer dimensions from various facets of art-forms along with fashion and glamour in literature, sports, music and cinema.”

Fashion designer Gaurav Gupta displayed the new age Blenders Pride collection on the ramp. It represented flattering drapes incorporating the transparent basics for timeless and sophisticated sensuality. Bollywood actress walked the ramp for the designer in the finale design.

Gupta shared “I love this adventure that allows me to reveal different elements of style. Egyptian tall gowns, multi-draped futuristic saree and saree gowns and fantastical red carpet glamour comes alive in this collection. Be dipped in shimmer, gold, ivory and flaming orange and explore your inner goddess. It’s time to be sexy and glamorous.”

Little Shilpa came next to present her contemporary collections, Disco Denimals, Grey Matters and Black Magic. Taking the ease and insouciance of denim, and putting it through an even more malleable state, harking animal iconography and discotheque imagery, Shilpa painted the picture for a free spirited future.

The onlookers saw the English dandy meet the Bombay local as Little Shilpa infused decidedly offbeat influences on the arguably strict norms and practices associated with India’s most beloved silhouettes -the sari and the katoricholi in her Grey Matters collection.

The five city tour is now set to travel to Mumbai as its next destination, followed by Bengaluru and Kolkata.