Bikram Sapra


Managing Director
JB Skincare

Bikram Sapra is the Managing Director of JB Skincare Pvt Ltd, the company that launched Repechage brand in India in 2012. Repechage is a world-famous professional skincare brand which has natural seaweed as its main ingredient. With experience of 30 years, Sapra has worked in some of the finest global enterprises, including Tata Consultancy Services, Merrill Lynch and Citigroup, in a variety of roles related to IT and Corporate Strategy. He has also assumed the role of an angel investor and created an entrepreneurial ecosystem around him. In the US, he invested in a few successful businesses, including establishing a leading retail franchise and a chain of beauty salons and spas. In 2012, Sapra decided to shift his base to India and brought Repechage along with him. He’s focused on providing the best technical and marketing support to his clients to enable them to grow faster in their business.