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Manish Creations Creating Majestic Fashion


From a manufacturer to a retailer, the journey for Kolkata-based Manish Creations has emerged as one of the strongest players in the men’s ethnicwear market in India.

Inspired by India’s rich tradition of royalty, Prateek Rajpuria launched Manish Creations in 1999, with a view to blend the Indian traditional artistry with contemporary fashion sensibilities. The brand offers complete wardrobe solutions in menswear complimented with accessories and footwear. With a total turnover of Rs 35 crore, and a growth rate
of 24 percent and 75 percent in 2012-13 and 2013-14 respectively; today the brand has presence in more than 400 MBOs and 18 EBOs.

According to Rajpuria, every brand is unique, hence he does not believe in competing with anyone. He maintains that every brand has its own USP. They believe in  commitment towards quality and offering variety with the latest trends and after-sales services. The ensemble at Manish Creations is made from the fi nest quality materials
sourced from various parts of the world; they are further accentuated with high
quality craftsmanship and exclusivity.

“Our customers belong to the middle and upper-middle class category. We ensure that each of our collection provides the highest quality assurance, a distinctive look and an unforgettable experience for the special occasions they are meant for,” shares Rajpuria.


The consumer has evolved drastically in the last three-four years, in terms of tastes, preferences, ideas, concepts and fashion. According to the brand outlet data, nearly eight out of 10 customers speak of the brand, however the most important is to retain them. It becomes even more important since the outfits made at Manish Creations are basically ceremonial, which a customer generally purchases only for special occasions.

Therefore, it has to be different in all respects. The pieces produced are designed and curated by the in-house team of fi ve designers keeping in mind the current trends and requirements of the customers. Each garment is well researched, technologically shaped and cut in-house by master tailors to ensure the best fi ts and styles. The pieces then go through respective processes like embroidery, stitching and checking (quality control), which is carried on by skilled craftsperson. So whether a customer picks up an accessory or kurta for Rs 499 or goes for bulk purchases, they are assured the same quality and stitching as to the customer who orders for a sherwani worth Rs 1 lakh.


Rajpuria strongly believes, “We as a brand have been able to keep the traditional sentiments alive by using hand and machine skills to produce a piece. We will be launching long jackets in the Indo-western collection, which we feel is something new for the market.” To capture the increasing consumer preference, the brand has adopted the strategy to be omnipresent through MBOs, EBOs, chain stores and e-commerce channels. He feels entering into chain stores and venturing into the retail market in 2012 was the turning point of their business.

The company today has franchised and own stores in the ratio of 70:30. With a strong domestic presence, especially in the markets of south India and the Middle East, he feels that the brand has ample scope to grow in other domestic markets as well. “Our online presence through Jabong and Myntra is adding to the market share,” he adds.


Going forward the company plans to expand by focusing on large format stores and EBOs, as they feel that the market is open to accept exclusive outlets. They also feel that the sentiments towards such stores are positive both from the industry’s side and consumer’s side. By 2015, the company plans to launch their own e-commerce site to increase brand visibility.

“Our target is to increase the brand’s visibility everywhere across formats. However, we are aware that it will be challenging, as men are loyal and comfortable with the brand that suit them and do not like to switch loyalties easily. So our effort will be to devise ways to satisfy each and every customer who comes in. This will help in establishment and recognition of the brand as visibility spreads through word of mouth. Then we would increase our social, print and digital presence,” sums up Rajpuria.