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Fashion Trends for Winter 2014 Inspired by Folk Tales


Global trends for the coming season celebrate magnificent fairy and folk tale motives joint with minimalistic and at times even monochrome looks. Who would have thought that little red riding hood would end up being a trend setter with her red hooded cape?

From Dolce & Gabbana’s forest tale, Alexander McQueen’s nod to Game of Thrones, Fendi’s take on Little Red Riding Hood and Valentino’s sense of ethereal enchantment, designers looked to a whimsical and imaginative world for their inspiration this season. Beautiful embroideries, ethnic prints, rich earthy tones and a gorgeous play on texture are sure to turn this trend into an irresistible movement. This fall becomes all about mixing traditional motifs with modern silhouettes, for an aesthetic appearing to be carved out straight from the pages of a fairy tale.

Folk fashion was actually popular in the 60s as well. Yves Saint Laurent was the first who used folk styles for his collection and today this is one of the most popular trends of new season. Folk fashion doesn’t stand for newness, for innovation, as its beginnings entwine with history, with world-wide traditions and customs that bear their own kind of timeless appeal. But in constantly being reimagined, the folk aesthetic does get a contemporary makeover. For fall 2014, folk fashion merges with the glamour of the ’70s, in building a style defined by effortless elegance, and nuanced with plenty of fairy-tale inspired motifs and silhouettes.

Dolce & Gabbana had images of walking knights the models were turned into, as well as fl ashes from ‘Beauty and Beast’. Squirrels, fl oral prints with fairy tale motives and the extremely charming colour palette really take us to the magical world of our childhood. Rodarte’s show was marked with the curious and creative colour solutions thus putting the colorful prints and patterns on the grayish background and adding the ethnic folk fairy tale theme to the neomodern looks. Fluffy, feathery, and knitted details only enhanced the effect.

At Mary Katrantzou’s show, angelic fairies and fairy tale princesses were walking on the runway, wearing weightless and sky touching dresses adorned with embroidery, delicate patterns, and design solutions like pleats. The Valentino show was marked with is the biggest diversity of the fairy tale inspired details and vibes, put all over the garments.

Put on the semi-transparent textures of chiffon, prints and patterns included mages of swans, Pegasus, owls, different birds, butterflies, turtles, flying fish, elephants, octopuses, and of course flowers. In addition, the uber-sweet and charming interpretations with the magical flowers and birds of Eden really secured the absolute stun of this diversity putting the valentine show in the top list of these thematic representations. Combining the traditional types of prints with 3D designs and beadwork, the garments really reached a level of perfection.

However, for the top delicate and scrupulously worked out looks you may also look through the options suggested by Preen by Thornton Bregazzi show. Here the accents were put on textures like all-lace varieties, coming with pure white shade matched with a small detail having a contrasting colour like classic red for spicing up the look. The all-tribal and Indian inspired motives were the overwhelming hit of the Vivienne  Westwood show, which was marked with the absolutely cool and great combinations of the modern vibes and looks with the details taking us to the fairy tales like the story of Pocahontas.

Details, colours, prints and patterns are taken from cultures of different nations. Characteristic features of folk fashion are relaxed silhouettes thus making such style suitable for casual looks and walks. More often women choose national accessories like headbands, hats or jewelry; it is much easier to wear accessory than creating new image. Designers have incorporated various features of this trend to give their
new collections a folksy makeover.

Floral embroideries: Floral embroideries are an integral part of folk fashion. This season seek them on clean, sturdy silhouettes and dark fabrics, keeping the looks minimal and allowing the fl oral embroideries to do all the talking. Rich embroideries can also be seen decorating sheer materials and cozy shawls in light, creamy hues. Imaginative play of soft and heavy by pairing thick knits with the most ethereal of embroidered fabrics make tasteful combination.

Rich tapestry: A beautiful assortment of pattern options for fall 2014 includes rich tapestry and abstract print mixing. Seeing how the fabrics are already heavy on intricate motifs, make sure to keep the silhouettes as simple as possible. Laid-back dresses paired with knee-high boots, and hooded overcoats worn with fringed leather skirts and ankle strap heels, is the ultimate take on autumnal sophistication.

Appliques, baroque swirls, abstract ethnic prints: Other key elements building the folk fashion trend for fall 2014 include exquisite appliques, baroque swirls and abstract ethnic prints. Creative yet cohesive, the mix of elements are being given a modern interpretation as they join forces with blocks of transparency, and daring plunging necklines. Fashion enthusiats will channel the inner boho goddess by picking out super-short silhouettes to wear with anything in between a pair of pointy toe flats, a knee-high, or a thigh-high pair of boots.

Clean lines vs. print mixing: The association of bohemian with folk fashion can give place to a couple of equally relevant interpretations of the trend: clean, simple lines, by balancing them out with rich prints drawn in a light palette of colours; or mix prints, colours and even embellishments will creat unique, free-spirited looks that are known to constitute the heart of the trend. Either way works as long as it successfully represents one’s very own aesthetic.

Folk inspired accessories: The folk inspired accessories allow to choose between fully embarking on this major trend, or simply infusing your wardrobe with bits and pieces  oozing of folk inspiration. Whichever the case, a pair of high-heeled suede or leather boots with gold detailing will make sure to add some of that ’70s boho spirit to your outfits, while an embroidered handbag will surely serve as the perfect finishing touch to any outfit come fall. As long as details go, one can’t go wrong with swaying fringes, playful tassels and plenty of golden accents. This winter, let the myriad magic stories add some warmth of nostalgia to the wardrobe.