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Amy Plowman: Training is key


, Amy Plowman is a celebrated international hairstylist. She shares with Salon India her views on the hairdressing industry and plans for the future

What led you into the world of hairdressing?
Initially I just loved having my own hair done. When I got a glimpse of hairdresser’s life, I was drawn to the unique hairdresser-client relationship and the ability to make someone
feel amazing.

Tell us about your professional training. Who was your mentor?
I had the great opportunity to train with both in Toronto.
While working in London for HOB Salons, I frequently attended HOB Academy classes,
and was wowed by Akin Konizi.

How has the journey been so far?
What a ride! Not every step of the way has been breezy, but I know I have been very fortunate with the opportunities that have come my way.

What were the challenges that you had to encounter in the initial days?
Getting through the training! I attended 10 months full time hair school at Aveda Institute Toronto, followed by a year apprenticeship at a Toni&Guy Salon many times. I just wanted to be qualified. I couldn’t wait to finally be a hairdresser.

How did you overcome them?
Patience and practice go a long way, this experience taught me both. You can’t rush what takes time and now I am grateful for my solid hairdressing foundation.

Who do you think is the guru of the hair dressing industry?
There are many great hairdressers who have shaped the industry. I am a big fan of Sebastian and love the way Robert Lobetta has impacted the brand. Seeing Nikhil Sharma’s fearless hair fashion in India makes me excited about the future.

Tell us about your favourite professional tools.
I would be lost without my soft bristle round brushes and metal duck clips from Japan.

Please name some of your celebrity clients.
Andy Warhol has said: “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.” So, with that in mind, I would consider all of my clients to have been celebs.

Tell us about the awards you have won, so far.
I have not participated in competitive hairdressing, though I can say the best rewards I have for my career choice are the numerous paths I can go down.

What is your advice for aspirants who want to enter the line of hair dressing?
Seek the best education you can and never stop learning.

What is your view on the emerging hair market in India?
It is such an exciting time to be in India, as the hair industry is growing at an incredible pace.

Do you have your own academy?
I do not have my own academy, but enjoy being based out of the in Delhi.

What are your future plans?
I intend on making my time in India count! My focus for the next year will be on the launch of Nioxin, an incredible product range specifically designed for thinning hair. Beyond that, who knows were this beautiful industry will take me.