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Acolade Vanity S’lon, Surat


Spread across 700 sq ft of area, Acolade Vanity S’lon boasts of a global look, slick ambience. In shades of gold, black and white, the interiors of the salon are impressive and neat.

The salon offers exclusive services using Acolade natural products, which include Acolade Super Smooth Texture Therapy, No Tan Peels and Skin Cauterisation Make-up, to name a few along with regular salon services for skin and beauty that use products from Acolade Care Cosmetics. For hair care and colour, they use products from , Wella Professionals and and MAC and Bobbi Brown for make-up.

Unveiling the expansion plans of the brand, , the owner of the salon, says, “Acolade Vanity S’lon (AVS) plans on establishing itself as a one-stop experience for specialised natural beauty services at reasonable prices. In the course of the next few months, we will be launching two more salons in Surat.”