Home Food Service Bring in the festive season with Pause’s dessert wine ‘Indian Nectar’

Bring in the festive season with Pause’s dessert wine ‘Indian Nectar’


Sweet wines best known as Dessert wines have been in vogue around the world in recent times.Encapsulating a delectable mix of fruit flavours, the dessert wine culture is slowly but steadily catching on in India too.This festive season, Pause wines’ choicest dessert wine varietal and a specialty, ‘Indian Nectar’ is here to welcome a new wine trend.

Pause wines after creating ripples within the wine connoisseurs in India with its cosmic selection of white, red and port wines, is all set to bring in the festive season with style, sophistication and tinge of sweetness as it launches ‘Indian Nectar’.

A special blend of selected grapes and enriched with melon and honeydew aromas, this heavy-bodied wine is a Pause specialty. Sure to do well among India’s expanding base of experimental wine lovers who have a sweet palate, it is also for those who have a heart that yearns for joyful times this festive season with friends and family.

‘Indian Nectar’ is no ordinary wine. Ardently prepared to achieve just the right levels of sweetness, texture and structure, a lot of attention has been paid to achieve the exact notes of melon and honeydew aromas in this exquisite preparation.  This Pause wine specialty besides making the perfect bottle to bring in the Christmas and New Years, will also serve as an ideal after-meal drink through the year when served between 8 °C- 10 °C.

With India’s love for wines on an all time high and dessert wines gaining a gradual foothold, Pause’s delicious, fruity and fun wine ‘Indian Nectar’ is here to stay.  Do not miss out on elevating the festive spirit this December with this divine selection that helps every wine lover, pause, sip and savour a sweet obsession truly one of its kind.

Priced at Rs 305 for 375ml and Rs 625 for 750ml, Indian Nectar is available at all the leading wine shops across India.

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