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Diana Penty is Grace Personified


Just a movie old, this elegant and simple actress has stolen many hearts with her powerful performance in Cocktail, the film. She is also the brand ambassador for the hair care brand, talks to her about her beauty and hair secrets.

Acting is a challenging profession
I started my modeling career when I was in my final year at college. I modeled for about five years. While most of it was in India, I also worked in Paris and New York. It was only afterwards that I met the makers of Cocktail and embarked on a new, challenging journey!

My fitness regime is simple
It’s very important to keep yourself fi t when you are young. Many people take youth for granted and start taking care of their health only as they get older. My fitness regime is pretty simple – a light workout about twice or thrice a week. If I can’t make it to the gym, I try working out at home. I also try eating healthy food, as much as I can which includes lots of fruits, vegetables or salad and a healthy intake of water.

My daily skin care
I use a gentle face wash, which is followed by a moisturiser. After a shoot or show, I use a gentle make-up remover, followed by the usual wash-and-moisturise routine.

I love hair spa
A hair spa is the best way to relax, de-stress and it makes my hair feel smooth and shiny. My hair experiences a lot of stress due to long shooting hours, which makes it dull and lifeless. I’ve been using the new Tresemmé Hair Spa Rejuvenation range and it leaves my hair fresh, smooth and soft.

I swear by Tresemmé Hair Spa
I used to visit the salon to get a hair spa quite regularly, until my stylist recommended the new Tresemmé Hair Spa Rejuvenation range.

My favourite fragrance
Chance by Chanel.