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    “Customer is King, everything else falls in line”


    Kapil Hetamsaria founder of Velvetcase – a hybrid e-commerce platform started with the passion to deliver a complete customised and transparent fine jewellery buying experience to consumers in India and worldwide. The company has internationally acclaimed designers and manufacturing capabilities that currently cater to global retailers where each piece of jewellery promises a signature blend of refined sophistication and modernity.

    Kapil’s love for jewellery started when he undertook a training course for diamond manufacturing and trading during his college days as an engineering student at VJTI, Mumbai. One thing led to another and he ran a retail diamond jewellery business for five years before heading out to the US for further education. Post completion of an MBA with Honors from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago, he was hired by McKinsey & Company where he closely interacted with Fortune 500 corporations in the Internet, Technology and Retail industry segments. Through his work at McKinsey, Microsoft, Dell, British Telecom he became an expert on the digital commerce business model with a good understanding of the technology led retail industry in India. Once he returned to India, Kapil, decided to use the best of their knowledge to take the jewellery industry to the next stage by bridging the online-offline gap for customers. Velvetcase was conceptualised.

    First Job: Software Engineer, Tech Mahindra

    Enduring memory from early career days:

    Be Yourself – many of us try too hard to be like someone else – and end up losing valuable time in not knowing ourselves.

    Favourite Business Icon:

    Bill Gates – for his passion towards adoption of his product/vision always keeping in mind the benefit of the end user

    Favourite business philosophy:

    Customer is King, everything else falls in line

    The company you admire the most:

    McKinsey & Co. – the #1 management consulting firm in the world where I spent a few more memorable years of my life.

    Key learnings in your career

    Consistency builds trust and brand

    Discipline builds Consistency

    Passion builds Discipline

    Zodiac sign


    What you like to do the most in your spare time:

    Play racquet sports – Squash, Tennis – and spend time with my family

    Favourite book:

    Rich Dad Poor Dad

    Favourite movie:

    3 Idiots

    Favourite songs:

    Jagjit Singh ghazals

    Favourite movie icon:

    Al Pacino

    Favourite fashion brands:


    Tag Heuer

    Favourite shopping destination

    Online fashion sites

    Favourite holiday destination


    Favourite political icon since independence


    Favourite food

    Bengali sweets

    Favourite season


    What do you like most in people

    Honesty and belief in themselves

    Top three things you want to do at some point in life

    1. Ring the NASDAQ opening bell
    2. A PhD in Micro Economics at The University of Chicago
    3. Visit the Himalayas

    Your vision for the nation

    Make In India – a great initiative that will uplift the image and capabilities of our country on the global stage

    Your idea of a life well lived

    No regrets

    The thing you value most in life

    The warmth I enjoy from family, friends and people close to me

    What makes you smile


    What qualities of your makes you feel good about yourself

    Positive thinking

    Who inspires you the most

    My mom

    If you had to teach something, what would you teach

    Find your passion and pursue it!