Home Retail ROYCE opens its fourth store at Ambience Mall, New Delhi

    ROYCE opens its fourth store at Ambience Mall, New Delhi


    ’, the famed Japanese confectionary company, makes its way to the capital this October. After enchanting and surprising customers in Mumbai and Bangalore with its unique array of chocolate and confectionary, ’ is all set to launch in Delhi, with its fourth store at Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj.

    Founded in 1983 in Northern Japan, ROYCE’ prides itself on its wide and unique offering that follows one underlying theme- chocolate products that are rich in flavour, textures, complexity and creativity. The brand was launched in Mumbai in July 2013 with its first store at Palladium, Lower Parel and since then it has built a religious cult-like following with chocolate lovers across the country.

    One of the brand’s most sensational products is the “Potatochip Chocolate” range of confectionary. The “Potatochip Chocolate” are salty potato chips coated with a layer of milk chocolate on one side. The combination of saltiness and sweetness initially surprised Indian customers, but they quickly became addicted to this unique chocolate pairing. Over the last year, the product has earned a cult, word-of-mouth reputation due to its unpredictable, innovative and irresistible taste.

    The company’s other signature product, the “”, is a cocoa-dusted truffle-like chocolate so fine and delicate that it requires a specially designed spatula to lift and hold. The sensitivity of the chocolate is evident when bitten into, as each square of chocolate explodes with flavors and moisture. Each box of is carefully packed in a thermal bag along with a frozen cooling gel pack so that the product retains its velvety-smooth characteristics all through your travel journey home. The will be available in Mild Cacao, Ecuador Sweet and Ghana Bitter variations with seasonal additions every few months.

    ROYCE’ will also be reintroducing the “Prafeuille Chocolat”,to mark its entry into the Delhi market. This three millimeter thin strawberry-scented chocolate is inspired by the delicate French desert “millefeuille” and is filled with a medley of sweet-tart raspberry and blueberry reduction. Also in-store will be the “Criollo Chocolate”, this complex and aromatic chocolate is made from Criollo beans, the world’s rarest and most expensive cacao beans, found only near Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela.

    ROYCE’ chocolates are priced at Rs. 1050/- for 125gms onwards.