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Zen Family Spa and Reflexology: A Quick Spa Experience


Opulent, immaculate and well-equipped, the Zen Spa is a pleasant getaway for a relaxing, invigorating and fun day to share with friends and family or alone. Out of the many firsts to its credit, the spa has opened its first outlet in Gold Souk Mall in a kiosk model, which is the first in India and South East Asia. Another first is that it provides a separate family room for other family members, friends and colleagues, giving you a private tranquil place to relax and rejuvenate with them. The spa strongly targets professionals for the busy and stressful life they have, a corporate model working out of IT/ business parks across India, going well with the theme ‘the more you are relaxed, more productive you are’. This model will be a new approach for employees to come and have a quick spa for 20 minutes and rejuvenate and go back to work.

The spa ambiance is inspired by nature, as its interiors have a lot of greens, woods, water, rocks with dim and soothing environment. In coordination with the tranquil interior, the spa plays soothing music, too.

Services offered: The spa has professionally trained therapists who understand the customer’s requirement and focus on the specific area which requires therapy. The spa is equipped with customised recliners for comfortable seating and zero-hassle posture adjustment for the customers. The spa offer quick foot spa , hand spa, ear and back massage on specific points for muscle relaxation, which vary from 10 to 70 minutes depending upon the requirement of the customer. On taking additional services, the spa offers a discount of upto 25 per cent.

Owner/Founder: Ashish Puri
Size of the spa: 415 sq ft
Time taken to complete the construction: The kiosk took five weeks including installation
Architect’s name and description: Design Contours.

General manager or spa manager’s quote: “Knowing that every one has stress and no one has time, we wanted to create spa services to fit such professionals and families. We know that a spa is still not a ‘way of life’ in India as it is in SE Asia. That’s what inspired us to create a new concept to bring these services as a part of adaptive culture here,” said , Spa Manager.

Product used: The spa uses aroma oils, skin moisturisers and other products from Belleza Aromatica, a company

Website or email address: www.zenmysoul.com, www.facebook.com/zenyoursoul