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Deepika Agarwal is famous among celebrities and socialites for creating magical traditional ensembles, with a twist. Owner of Peppermint Diva, she shares with Salon India the importance of hair and make-up in fashion

What were the challenges that you faced while creating a niche for yourself?
Challenges are a part and parcel of any profession where there is progress and growth. There are issues that come up and need to be solved. However, constant growth and development plan has to be in place, where one is constantly reinventing to meet the client’s demands and preferences, as well as keep up with changing trends. Also, we have to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone on time to leave a mark.

What is the importance of hair and make-up in fashion?
Hair and make-up play an important role as they lend finishing touches to the overall look and appeal of the wearer. A beautiful garment, if well accessorised, has an instant appeal and if the hair and make-up is in place, voila, you are glamorous and stylish.

What is the contribution of the designer in planning and creating the look of the model?
A designer wishes to blend and complement the outfit with the personality of the wearer. The style of wearing the outfit, the way it’s draped, the accessories as well as make-up and hairdo, all contribute in creating an ideal look.

Who is your inspiration?
The modern woman, the divas who want to bring out the best in themselves. They are inspiration behind our label – to create ensembles that add to the vibrance, confidence, style quotient and personality of the woman who wears it.

What are your future plans?
To create a variety of ensembles in order to cater to all genres and age groups of women and their style fascinations. We are planning expansion overseas  and open a flagship store in Delhi.

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