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EatLoveDrink the foodvisors way!


.com, a unique online platform,only focused on building communities and conversations on various aspects of love for food and drinks.

Whether one is looking for some healthy inspirations, perfect cocktail mixes, exploring food fantasies or learning to cook new scrumptious desserts, Foodvisors.com will provide trustworthy dialogue for all foodie needs. In its future plans over a span of 3-4 years, Foodvisors will expand operations across all continents.

The core idea behind the platform is around 3 Cs’ i.e. ‘Community’, ‘Conversations’ and ‘Content’. These expert led ‘communities’, with an international mix will be inherent to develop meaningful and evocative ‘conversations’ about the great art of wine and dine.

The last few years have particularly seen a huge surge in online food review sites, platforms and blogs, which freely rate food and restaurants, but interestingly, the paradox of choice still remains!

It’s only human to seek advice when confused, but it needs ‘expert advice’ to be satisfied.Foodvisors.com aims to go beyond regular food review sites, or a restaurant rating services. Powered by the expertise of a panel of celebrated chefs from India and esteemed international advisory council, Foodvisors.com plans to revolutionise the way we look at Food and Drinks experiences and information.